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Why Used Cars Are Better Than New Ones

When it comes to buying a car, you basically have two choices: you buy a brand new car, or you buy a used second hand car. What you want to buy is of course limited to the amount of money you can afford to spend on a car, and what features you want out of a car.

For example, do you want a fuel-efficient car with a diesel engine, or are you a petrolhead that demands a 6.2-litre V8 supercharged monster under the bonnet that can get you from 0 to 60 mph quicker than you can take a sip from your cup of tea?

Why Buying a Brand New Car Sucks

Going back to the cost limitation, one thing that car manufacturers try to do in order to get you to buy a brand new car from them is to offer some enticing finance packages. Peugeot has a “Just Add Fuel” offer which is essentially car finance, insurance and road tax all included within your monthly finance payment for 3 years.

Despite these seemingly attractive offers, there are three reasons why such packages don’t always appear to be as attractive as they seem.

  • Firstly, you have to put a deposit down. Some car manufacturers may give you a discount of say £1,000 off the list price of a new car as “deposit allowance”, but they usually recoup the costs through your finance package;
  • Secondly, you have to stick to a set payment plan which cannot be changed during the course of your finance without some financial repercussions;
  • Thirdly, at the end of your term, you normally have to pay a final balance. With such an amount, you either have to get a loan to pay it off (either a personal loan or refinancing the car through the finance company), or hand the keys over and walk away with nothing more to pay – and no car to drive!

Depreciation is not your Friend if you Buy New

Regardless of how you would buy a brand new car, there is also the issue of depreciation. Some people say that you lose money off the value of a brand new car as soon as you drive it away from the dealer’s forecourt. Sadly, this is true.

Some car models can hold their value really well, whilst the value of others can take a nosedive within the first 12 to 24 months of ownership from new. Have you ever wondered why when you visit a main dealer, some “nearly new” cars that are say a few months old and have 200 miles on the clock, for example, can be as much as £2,000 cheaper than a brand new equivalent? This is our enemy depreciation striking again!

Why Buying a used Car is the Better Option

It might be tempting to buy a brand new car simply because you will be the first owner and enjoy that authentic “new car smell” that you only get with a brand new car, but the reality of the situation is that buying a used car is a much better option for you, and for your wallet.

Even if you bought a car that was say a couple of years old, most of the depreciation damage will have been done, and you would end up with a car that was just as reliable as a brand new model, and will still be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty in most cases!

And if you have an existing car that you want to sell in order to partly fund your new (used) car, websites like make it simple to get cash for your current car.

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Tips for Travelling via Campervan

Travelling via a campervan can be a lot of fun, but you have to know what you’re doing to get the most out of the trip. There are some obvious things you should do before you go on a trip like this, but there are also some things you should do that aren’t as clear to many people. The tips below should help you to get everything ready for your next campervan trip.


You really want to spend a good deal of time planning out exactly what you’re going to accomplish during the trip. Of course, you’ll want to have a plan of what you want to see, but you’ll also need to plan out a route. In addition, if you’re going to be sleeping in your campervan conversions, you’re going to want to be sure you know where you’re going to park, and if necessary, you’ll want to make an appropriate reservation. In addition to this, be sure that you know what and where you’re going to eat during the trip. If the campervan you rent has a way for you to prepare food, plan meals that are appropriate for the supplies and equipment that you’ll have with you.


Be sure to give yourself enough time to enjoy your trip. Just two or three days away from your home may not be enough, and if you don’t have enough time, you may not be able to accomplish much. These trips are really intended to help you to relax and unwind, but if you’re constantly rushing from destination to destination, you probably won’t feel very relaxed. It’s essential that you give yourself enough time to really enjoy the things that you’re going to see on your trip. In addition, if you spot something along the way that you want to stop and see, you want to have enough extra time that you can see that attraction without having to worry about how you’ll make up the time.


If you have small children, you’ll want to spend some time thinking about whether or not you’re going to take them with you on the trip. Of course, as a parent, you may want to take this trip to allow them to experience the outdoors. That’s certainly a wonderful idea, but you also have to consider whether they’re going to enjoy it. If they’re very young, spending a lot of time on the road can be very tiresome for them. In addition, if they get motion sickness, they could be very unhappy during the entirety of the trip. Make sure you think about how they’re going to be entertained during this trip. It would also be wise to bring along any medicine that may help them with motion sickness, even if they haven’t shown signs of experiencing this in the past. These problems can come up at any time, and you don’t want to have to worry about going home early if they’re too sick to continue.


Shining Features Of LED Based Audi Headlights

The most advanced LED based Audi Headlights are installed in the new Audi A8 along with the sports car model). It is claimed by Audi that the LED based headlights give a unique look to the car both during day and night time. The claim goes further to compare the 5500 Kelvin LED based lighting with sunlight. This brightly shinning light adds to the appearance of the car and also ensures safe driving, especially at night.


The LED based headlights are highly energy efficient. These lights have less power consumption in comparison to the ‘stock headlights’. Plus, the headlights need no maintenance. The life of the headlight is equal to that of the car. The shape of the light is that of a wing and has low beams emerging from 10 lens modules pieces. Equal number of yellow and white LED pieces, i.e. 22 each, is used for turn signals and running lights in the daytime. The design of closely packed LED light compilation gives an appearance of wholeness to the headlights.

Those high beams that are located on top of the wing comprise of two LEDs with four chips each along with a ‘surface reflection’ system. You can change the beams from low to high and vice-versa. If you install more LED based lights you will have highway and cornering lights for your car. The condensation of LEDs that get heated is eliminated through the use of ‘heat regulated’ system or fan.

The Audi Q5 Headlights is a combination of Beauty and Brilliance

Tail Lights

The tail lights have a total composition of 72 LED lights following this technology. It is possible for designers to install pieces as many as these in a limited region due to the technology of chip-on-board.

The tail lights make up an evenly-appearing ‘trapezoid’ shape. These lights use a total of 9 watts in one unit which is impressively low consumption. A reflective surface is featured in the lower portion of the tail light while the upper portion comprises of ‘light guide’. The tail end’s central portion can be lowered into the ‘lower part’ which is why it has more thickness.

Brake Lights

These lights are present within the ‘trapezoid’. If you press the brakes too hard, a flash will be created on these brake lights of A8, warning the driver at the heels of your car. After the vehicle comes to a halt it is the turn of hazard lights to illuminate. When not serving the purpose of brake lights, these LED lights can double up as fog lights for the car’s rear side if customized accordingly.


Along with the normal LED based lights, the Audi A8 comes with ‘bonus package’ of LED lighting. These lights can be used to install on the center console, door pockets, tunnel or the ‘doors sill’ trim. With the help of the ‘Audi Multimedia Interface’, drivers can also make customization of the LED brightness. The LED light concept is receiving much appreciation and maybe incorporated in other such big brand names in the automobile industry soon.


Audi A8 is supposed to be launching a new level of LED headlights which will be worth flaunting. Some of its unique features are discussed in the writing.

Author’s Bio: Joana Hall is a proficient writer who has expertise on the subject of automobile industry. He regularly contributes articles on Audi headlights and other aftermarket auto parts..

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Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Programs And Your Teen’s Car Insurance

Graduated driver licensing (GDL) programs offer young drivers and their parents step-wise paths to a full, unrestricted driver’s license that help new drivers acquire the skills they need to be a safe teen driver, while under the supervision of experienced drivers who know them. They also impact the costs of teen car insurance and can help decrease the cost to a family of adding a new driver.

A national trend

GDL programs were first introduced in a handful of states in the 1990s. Since then, every state has some form of GDL in place. In fact, a bill was introduced to both houses of Congress in 2011 that would establish national minimum GDL guidelines.

While that bill still awaits action, the GDL process is relatively similar in every state. There are three general stages of graduated driving privileges earned in a GDL. The three stages are:

  • A learning stage
  • An intermediate stage
  • The full privileges, normal licensing stage

Some states allow teens to start the learning stage as young as 14 years old. Other states make teens wait until they 16 to start the process. The age of 15 seems to be the most common benchmark for teens starting to earn driving privileges in GDLs.

The learning stage

During this phase, learners permit drivers must be accompanied by a license-holding driver of a sufficient age (usually 25.) Teen drivers in this phase are typically restricted to driving during daylight hours, and they must accumulate a minimum number of hours of supervised driving before they can take the tests necessary to move to the intermediary, provisional stage.

Typically, teens in the learning phase of a GDL are also restricted in the type and number of passengers they can have with them in addition to the guardian/supervising driver (by types, the restriction is usually to only one other family member or in some cases, a co-worker.)

As a parent or guardian it is important to note that even learners permit drivers must be covered by teen car insurance. Depending on the state and the company, you may be able to add your learning teen to your policy by simply contacting the company, but there may also be other requirements before they have sufficient coverage to begin even the learning phase of a GDL.

The intermediate stage

The intermediary or provisionary stage describes drivers who have just received their actual license. Teens can enter this phase once they have accumulated enough hours, passed required tests such as a DMV-administered road test, and reach the minimum age. This is usually 16, but can be as high as 17.

Restrictions in this phase can include driving only during daylight hours, different limits on passengers including the number of passengers and the minimum passenger age, and stronger penalties for violating any of these restrictions or for being caught driving under the influence. Many states explicitly ban any use of smart phones or mobile devices while driving (even in hands-free mode) by drivers in this stage.

There are often additional supervised driving hours required during this phase of a GDL and in most cases, the parents or guardians of teen drivers have to certify that the teen has completed these requirements.

Because at this point teens are driving alone, they are legally required to have teen auto insurance. However, there are steps that these teen drivers and parents can take to decrease that cost. These benefits extend to the final, full-privilege stage, which is usually available after a certain minimum age, typically 17 or 18.

Insurance considerations

One of the main impacts of graduated drivers licensing programs is that in roughly 48 states, teens can technically get behind the wheel before or well before they are considered fully licensed drivers by the law. In the case of states like California or New York, this pushes the minimum age to 17 or 18, depending on driver’s education classes and other details, instead of the 16-year-old limit many think is still standard.

GDL programs put young drivers through a slower process that also gives parents and teens the chance to take advantage of additional driver training options, many of which offer opportunities to reduce the cost of teen auto insurance.

For example, many GDL driver education requirements can be fulfilled through school programs and many insurers will give car insurance premium discounts to teen drivers who maintain good grades and who successfully complete a driver education and safety program through the school they attend.

There are some insurance companies that offer discounts when drivers elect to limit the number of miles they drive. If you have a teen driving during a GDL phase limiting the time of day s/he can drive, it may lower the number of miles driven enough to qualify for a discount.

While the GDL process is now a requirement in all states for teen drivers, the entire process may ultimately help parents and teen drivers set a foundation for safe driving that will help them avoid the tragedy of a car accident and help begin curbing the cost of getting the necessary (and expensive) car insurance coverage teen drivers need.

Featured images:

License: Royalty Free or iStock

source: Image courtesy of state farm insurance

Jeffrey Davidson is the father of a former teen driver and he brings more more than 25 years of experience to his role as a writer with Reply!. He has worked in market research, public relations, consulting, writing, marking and sales in the car insurance industry. See his article on teen drivers and insurance.


Five Tips on How to Keep Your Car Running Smooth

For every automobile, it is very important that we keep them in the good condition to enable you have the smooth driving experience. Improper maintenance of one part of your car leads to a problem in another part. The worst part of it comes when there is an unavailability spare part for your car. Negligence is one major thing that leads to failures and fatalities in automobile. Moreover, auto care determines the extent of life of an automobile. Ideally, auto care saves you both money and time. It is therefore very important to tune up the engine at certain intervals to avoid any failure or fatality. There are various recommended tips on how to keep your car run smoothly.

Check the inflation condition of your car

It is very awkward driving with low inflated tires. It is not only a waste of fuel. Sometimes you can notice that your tires wear off unevenly. In case you will notice some wear and tear in the middle part of the tire, then this is a symptom of too high pressure. High levels of wear at the edges show that the pressure is too low. The pressure in your car tires ought to be standard one.

Check on the cooling system of your car

The cooling system is the part that is responsible for maintaining proper optimum temperature for your car. Consider consulting a mechanic to check on the level of coolant in your car, check the hoses in case there is wear and tear and also check the reservoir tank. Provide a flush and fill service for your car which will be responsible for draining any dirty fluid from your car and replacing them with the clean ones.

The braking system

Most recent cars do have disc brakes for the front part and drum for the rear parts. Brake shoe is the one that provides friction to the spinning disc. To discover that your brakes are not working as expected, there is normally a warning e.g. a spongy pedal means that there is some air in the hydraulic system. An imbalance in the hydraulic system is often indicated by a continuous red brake-light. The sound produced by your braking system also dictates the condition of the braking system. In case of a squalling sound or a grinding sound, then consider informing your mechanic on the same.

Check on the emission system

All the wastes from the entire vehicle are emitted through the exhaust. The wastes from the engine, passenger cabin and the engine are analyzed and refined to less harmful forms and directed through the exhaust while reducing the noise in the car. It is the most crucial part of your car and proper inspection must be done regularly.

The Battery

This is crucial when starting your car. Imagine your car failing to start in a busy street and all the commotion that you will cause. The battery ought to be maintained clean and safe such that there is no single vibration to it. The connections and terminals should be tight and very clean. The water levels should also be inspected just like any other well cared battery.


The dsa theory test aids you know the necessary tips to keep your car run smooth. Auto care is very crucial to any driver that indulges in driving.


Driving + Texting= A Very Bad Idea

Most countries around the world have recognised the fact that sending a text message while driving isn’t a particularly sensible idea, and have subsequently made this practise illegal. A study by the US based Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that drivers who were sending a text message while driving were a whopping 23.2 times more likely to have an accident, as compared to those who were driving without distraction. Like driving under the influence of alcohol, drivers know that they shouldn’t text and drive, and yet it still happens from time to time. Since, statistically, you’re more likely to be involved in a driving accident or fatality if you’re in a country where people drive on the right, if you see someone texting while driving on the right, you might feel tempted to pull over and wait for them get a safe distance away from you.

Most countries where driving while texting is illegal have seemingly overcome the problem by allowing the usage of hands free devices, although the BBC has reported on a UK based study that shows complex conversations via a hands free device while driving can be almost as distracting as sending a text message. Perhaps technology is the key to overcoming this issue, since the Apple iPhone’s acclaimed voice interface system, which is better known as Siri, allows for drivers to send and receive text messages by voice- although this assumes that having a somewhat robotic voice reading your messages isn’t as distracting as other methods of communication. Although, thanks to the currently in development Google self driving car, we might soon be able to talk and text to our hearts content, since a computer will be doing all our driving for us.


Cool Decals For Your New Ride

If you’re the kind of person who loves cars, than you’re probably looking for ways to improve your ride. While mechanical adjustments can be very pricey, aesthetic improvements can actually be pretty affordable. In fact, there’s no better or more affordable way to make your car cooler than by adding awesome decals. Not only do decals improve the appearance of your vehicle, but they also completely personalize it. When you add cool new decals to your ride, you make your vehicle completely you; it’s a fashion statement on wheels.

So, where should you start when it comes to car decals? Here are a few cool ones to consider:

Racing Stripe

There are few flashier decals on a vehicle than a racing stripe. Racing stripes ooze sexiness and sportiness and are the perfect complement to a sports car. Even if you don’t have a sports car, they can good for some ironic humor on older cars.

One of the best things about racing stripe decals is that you can customize them to fit your car and your personality. You can get them in any color, and you can place them down the middle of your hood and roof, off-centered, or on the side of your vehicle. Or, if you’re feeling like really making your car unique, you can get an unconventional racing stripe, such as a strip of bacon.

Hood Animal

One of the coolest looking car decals is the hood animal. You can get virtually any animal placed on your hood with an awesome decal, giving your car a unique appearance that will instantly be noticed by anyone who looks at it. Most people prefer fierce animals — such as lions, or eagles — because they convey strength and power. Whatever animal you choose, a hood decal is a great way to customize your vehicle.

Chrome Model Numbers

A subtle way to improve the look of your car is to add chrome model number decals. Chrome decals make your car look very sleek. They don’t draw as much attention as some other decals, but they offer a subtle touch that simply makes your car look better.

Funny Stickers

If you’re less concerned with your vehicle looking cool or sleek, and simply want to add a fun customization, the best way is by adding funny decals. From hilarious bumper stickers to funny pictures, you can make your car uniquely yours — and make people laugh in the process — with funny car decals.

Full Window Decals

One great way to customize your vehicle is to add a full rear windshield decal. The most popular rear windshield decal is the American flag, but you can get windshield decals for your favorite sports team, musician, or a number of other things. Rear windshield decals are a very cool addition to your vehicle.

These are some of the coolest car decals. Use any of these, and your car will instantly be more unique, more fun, and more you.


Along with custom car decals, Clarence Meriwether writes on other neat auto topics such as pinstriping tape, car mechanics, car technologies, GPS systems, car maintenance & upkeep, paint jobs and other topics as well. Curious readers seeking additional information on decals should visit


Building Your Own Camper Van: What You Need To Know

Vans are commercial vehicles that you would normally associate with tradesmen, but they also have a number of other uses too, not just for industry but for leisure also. For example, many people take ordinary vans and convert them into self-contained camper vans, which are great for those who wish to take to the open roads and then park at a scenic and safe caravan park for the night (or for a few nights).

There are many benefits to having a caravan; it’s a much nicer place to sleep in than a tent, your vehicle is your home so you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, without having to pack up loads of stuff, and let’s face it; they are just cool!

If you are considering getting your own camper van, you might have noticed that they are rather expensive, even used, so an alternative that many people opt for which saves them a small fortune is to just buy a used van and convert it into a camper-van themselves. Here is a handy guide that shows you what you need in order to complete this conversion.

Planning your Conversion

Assuming you have already been to a dealer that sells used vans and bought the van of your choice, the first thing you need to do is plan your camper van conversion. Here are some things that you should consider as part of the planning process:

  • Practicality

You should ensure that you can access everything within your camper van as easily as possible, and also provide enough space for all of the people that are traveling with you. For sleeping purposes, most camper vans have fold-out beds known as “rock and roll beds” which are three-piece units.

  • Appliances

OK, so the first thing everyone will probably think of is a kettle, but many camper vans have a whole host of appliances incorporated within their design, such as fridges, microwaves, ovens, toasters and grilles.

  • Storage Space

Everyone that travels in a camper van will require storage space for food, drink, cutlery and plates, cups, clothes, toiletries, in fact, many things that you will have at home. As you are working within a confined space, you might sometimes have to be a bit creative about storage locations, so make good use of areas such as overhead or underneath seats (as long as it is safe to do so).

Tools and Skills Required

DIY camper van conversions are extremely involved and require a number of skills that most experienced DIYers will have, and a number of power tools such as drills, saws, and drivers, as well as a number of hand tools for doing intricate work such as electrical wiring.

However, if you are not comfortable with doing the bulk of the work yourself, there are plenty of companies that offer camper van conversion services – although it is worth bearing in mind that they are not cheap!

You can expect to pay on average a minimum of £8,000 for a professional camper van conversion, so you can see that it is worthwhile doing it yourself as the bulk of conversion prices are labor costs.


Best Racing Bikes

If you love bike racing as a sport, then you must have the Adamant Racing Bike in your garage. Racing doesn’t only require an advanced vehicle it also requires that the vehicle should match your driving abilities. And that’s what we take care of. Our racing bikes are designed in such a way that you will get the best comfort while riding. Moreover, the bikes are designed on the best mechanical principles which in return increase its speed limit.

Adamant Racing Bike is a current generation racing bike, which has all the features of a superbike. Riding a bike also requires great safety measures. The bike should bedesigned after considering all the safety aspects which can be taken in order to avoid any physical injury to the rider. Racing bikes come in different categories depending upon their features and prices. A bike with the best features will cost you more than the bike with default features. Therefore, if you dream to own a superbike, you need to spend a bit more. So, don’t make any compromises with your choice due to some more investment than you have planned to make.

The advantages of riding a well-designed and well-equipped bike are –

  • You will have the luxury to exceed your speed limit to the maximum.
  • The wheels of the bike have a proper grip on the road.
  • The gear limit is also greater than the normal bikes.
  • The comfort of riding such bike is the best.

Therefore, always try to go for the best one, as like cars expensive bikes are also luxurious and classy. Consider a case, if you have to travel in mountains where there is hardly any proper road or surface where you can drive any vehicle, what will you do? Theonly thing that you can ride on mountains is a bike. And that too, one with the best grip and features. So, racing bikes can be a fun as well as an important vehicle when you have to travel on uneven surfaces. Therefore, before purchasing it, you should always look for more and more options and then compare between the selected. The Adamant bike provides you with a large collection of Adamant Racing Bike among which you can choose the fastest and the best one.

Purchasing a racing bike can be a tricky task if you don’t have an understanding of bikes. If you are looking forward to owning a racing bike then, you should start reading about its pros and cons. After making all the evaluations, you should step forward for purchasing the one which you have selected irrespective of its price. Racing bikes should only be purchased on the basis of the requirement and passion for riding it. Price should never matter when it comes to owning a racing bike.

Therefore, first do some research and then check out some super racing bikes and purchase the one which best fits into your criteria. Racing bikes can really be exciting if you are a born rider and a bike lover.


A Beginner’s Guide To Knowing Motorcycles

Motorcycles are always going to be a popular choice for young drivers looking for something exciting. More women and older people are also beginning to see their benefits as easy, manageable transport, too. However, a lot of motorcyclists end up getting rid of their bikes after a year or two. That’s because they didn’t have a guide like this one. We’re going to take a look at the tips that’s going to keep you enjoying your bike for a long time yet.

Affording your bike

There’s a certain debate as to whether bikes are cheaper or more expensive than cars. They’re smaller and the initial purchase is less, indeed. However, long term costs aren’t as clear-cut as that. Don’t expect that you’re necessarily buying a cheap vehicle. You’re still likely to have need of financing before you get it, too.

Practice makes perfect

Riding a motorcycle is easier than you might expect. Once you get past the initially wobbly stage, at least. It’s about building your confidence. However, even after passing your test, this doesn’t mean taking it out through traffic just yet. Find quiet spaces with no traffic as you get used to driving your bike. has some recommendations of the kind of places you want to find. Get confident but not cocky before you take it out for a real drive.


We say get confident, not cocky because that’s going to take you into some danger. Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars, it’s a fact. First, you’re lighter that almost every vehicle on the road. That means all the force of a crash is likely to be distributed your way. You’re also afforded less protection. That’s why you need to learn the right safety tips. Making yourself more visible and being more aware of your surroundings are perhaps the two most important.

Causes of accidents states that a common cause of accidents is the lack of visibility. You’re smaller, so you’re not as likely to appear in the rear-view mirrors of car drivers. That’s why you need to work to make yourself more visible with bright clothing and the like. You’re also more susceptible to bumps, potholes and cracks in the road. So be careful in how you navigate the road. If you know a place has suffered some dangers, avoid it.


One of the assumptions about bikes is that they don’t need as much maintenance as cars. They may be smaller and have less parts, but they operate by precisely the same principles. Follow the recommended maintenance in your manual, just as you would for a car. Change oil often and clean air your air filters.

Don’t underestimate your bike

We know, all the cooler bikes have more CCs. However, as a new rider, that shouldn’t matter to you at all. Don’t get on a bike with more kick than you can handle. You’re only going to put yourself at risk. You might not feel quite as hardcore buying something tamer to begin with. But you’re less likely to get injured or intimidated to the point of quitting.