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If you are planning for a road trip in Bucharest or you want a much-needed vacation, you might want to consider car rental Bucuresti to drive you and your friends or family for various travel destinations in Bucharest. Although car rental is budget-friendly and much easier, there are some common mistakes that you should take note to save money.

Below are some of the financial pitfalls you should be aware of when considering car rental Bucuresti:

Common Mistake #1: Not Understanding Penalties

Everybody knows the returning the car late would cost extra, yet did you know that several car companies charge you for returning cars early? Knowing and understanding the details of the penalties that are outlined on the contract can ensure you’re not paying more than you have to.

Common Mistake #2: Renting Car at the Airport

Have you ever noticed how everything seems costlier at the airport? Airports often charge for premium location fees to the vendors setting up shot in kiosks and hallways. Such fees may range from an airport to another, yet generally between ten and fifteen percent. Expect that you should pay more abroad. For car rentals that are located near the airport, such special fees as passed to the renters. If you’re planning to stay at the downtown, it could be a good idea to take taxis to the nearby offsite car rental company. Even if this option might be inconvenient, you will save a lot.

Common Mistake #3: Waiving the Car Rental Insurance

Unless you’re covered through your insurance provider for rental cars, buying car rental insurance is a good decision that may save you money in the end. From not being used to cars to driving through the unfamiliar streets, there are different factors that could raise the risk of accident occurring during the trip. Remember that safety is paramount as always.

Common Mistake #4: Adding Some Unnecessary Extra Services

Whistles and bells cost extra. If you’re offered an upgrade and services including GPS or roadside service, see to it that you check the structure of the fees. Even if such extras are convenient and might well be advantageous to your travel, it is wise to ensure that there aren’t cheaper alternatives before you sign. For instance, the GPS service from car rental companies may cost more. This might not cause much of the dent in your pocket during your short trip, yet if you’re renting car for weeks, you might want to consider buying used GPS system for lesser money.

Common Mistake #5: Rush Renting a Car

Once you rush everything, you will run the risk of making mistakes. The same basically applies to the car rental agreements. When you sign the agreement without providing care to the fine price, you will run the risk of paying for the things you don’t need. Take a breath and take some time to understand what you’re signing. You will surely thank yourself down the road.

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