If you’re the kind of person who loves cars, than you’re probably looking for ways to improve your ride. While mechanical adjustments can be very pricey, aesthetic improvements can actually be pretty affordable. In fact, there’s no better or more affordable way to make your car cooler than by adding awesome decals. Not only do decals improve the appearance of your vehicle, but they also completely personalize it. When you add cool new decals to your ride, you make your vehicle completely you; it’s a fashion statement on wheels.

So, where should you start when it comes to car decals? Here are a few cool ones to consider:

Racing Stripe

There are few flashier decals on a vehicle than a racing stripe. Racing stripes ooze sexiness and sportiness and are the perfect complement to a sports car. Even if you don’t have a sports car, they can good for some ironic humor on older cars.

One of the best things about racing stripe decals is that you can customize them to fit your car and your personality. You can get them in any color, and you can place them down the middle of your hood and roof, off-centered, or on the side of your vehicle. Or, if you’re feeling like really making your car unique, you can get an unconventional racing stripe, such as a strip of bacon.

Hood Animal

One of the coolest looking car decals is the hood animal. You can get virtually any animal placed on your hood with an awesome decal, giving your car a unique appearance that will instantly be noticed by anyone who looks at it. Most people prefer fierce animals — such as lions, or eagles — because they convey strength and power. Whatever animal you choose, a hood decal is a great way to customize your vehicle.

Chrome Model Numbers

A subtle way to improve the look of your car is to add chrome model number decals. Chrome decals make your car look very sleek. They don’t draw as much attention as some other decals, but they offer a subtle touch that simply makes your car look better.

Funny Stickers

If you’re less concerned with your vehicle looking cool or sleek, and simply want to add a fun customization, the best way is by adding funny decals. From hilarious bumper stickers to funny pictures, you can make your car uniquely yours — and make people laugh in the process — with funny car decals.

Full Window Decals

One great way to customize your vehicle is to add a full rear windshield decal. The most popular rear windshield decal is the American flag, but you can get windshield decals for your favorite sports team, musician, or a number of other things. Rear windshield decals are a very cool addition to your vehicle.

These are some of the coolest car decals. Use any of these, and your car will instantly be more unique, more fun, and more you.


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