For every automobile, it is very important that we keep them in the good condition to enable you have the smooth driving experience. Improper maintenance of one part of your car leads to a problem in another part. The worst part of it comes when there is an unavailability spare part for your car. Negligence is one major thing that leads to failures and fatalities in automobile. Moreover, auto care determines the extent of life of an automobile. Ideally, auto care saves you both money and time. It is therefore very important to tune up the engine at certain intervals to avoid any failure or fatality. There are various recommended tips on how to keep your car run smoothly.

Check the inflation condition of your car

It is very awkward driving with low inflated tires. It is not only a waste of fuel. Sometimes you can notice that your tires wear off unevenly. In case you will notice some wear and tear in the middle part of the tire, then this is a symptom of too high pressure. High levels of wear at the edges show that the pressure is too low. The pressure in your car tires ought to be standard one.

Check on the cooling system of your car

The cooling system is the part that is responsible for maintaining proper optimum temperature for your car. Consider consulting a mechanic to check on the level of coolant in your car, check the hoses in case there is wear and tear and also check the reservoir tank. Provide a flush and fill service for your car which will be responsible for draining any dirty fluid from your car and replacing them with the clean ones.

The braking system

Most recent cars do have disc brakes for the front part and drum for the rear parts. Brake shoe is the one that provides friction to the spinning disc. To discover that your brakes are not working as expected, there is normally a warning e.g. a spongy pedal means that there is some air in the hydraulic system. An imbalance in the hydraulic system is often indicated by a continuous red brake-light. The sound produced by your braking system also dictates the condition of the braking system. In case of a squalling sound or a grinding sound, then consider informing your mechanic on the same.

Check on the emission system

All the wastes from the entire vehicle are emitted through the exhaust. The wastes from the engine, passenger cabin and the engine are analyzed and refined to less harmful forms and directed through the exhaust while reducing the noise in the car. It is the most crucial part of your car and proper inspection must be done regularly.

The Battery

This is crucial when starting your car. Imagine your car failing to start in a busy street and all the commotion that you will cause. The battery ought to be maintained clean and safe such that there is no single vibration to it. The connections and terminals should be tight and very clean. The water levels should also be inspected just like any other well cared battery.


The dsa theory test aids you know the necessary tips to keep your car run smooth. Auto care is very crucial to any driver that indulges in driving.