If you want to immediately increase the value of your car, you need to have it thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Whether you want to sell the car or keep it looking in mint condition, detailing and valeting should be part of your auto’s regular upkeep.

That is why it is more advantageous to use affordable car valeting services in Plymouth rather than using a car wash. If you are busy during the day and have little time to clean your car, you may want to consider valeting instead. Not only will the cleaning boost your car’s looks and value, it will also give you more time to focus on your daily activities.

Valeting Benefits

When you opt for valeting instead of car washing, you can realise the following benefits:

  • You will save more time and money by having the car valeted. You can have a variety of services done at one time, whether you choose a mini-valet or full valet service package.
  • Both the inside and outside car is thoroughly cleaned to perfection.
  • You can have a range of vehicles cleaned – from small cars to motorhomes and boats.

Mini-Valet Services

As you can see, detailing and valeting can make a big difference when it comes to car cleaning and care. For instance, a mini-valet service includes hand washing a car with hot water and a wax shampoo. The tyres and wheels are also cleaned before being rubber dressed. Cars are vacuumed in their entirety and all the litter is removed. The door cards and dashboard are dress and the inside windows are cleaned and polished.