Recycling scrap metals is a way to extra cash. If you have wondered about the scrap metal recycling process, Western Metal Recycling provides the following information.
Scrap Metal Recycling Process
Firstly, recycling is following green standards; and, for scrap car owners and scrap metal owners, it is a way to earn cash while being environmentally friendly with the disposals of the products. Scrap metal recycling facilities like ours are fully equipped to recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paying cash for the metals. The process is one that is advanced, and one that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience, and the proper equipment.
When selling scrap metals to Western Metal Recycling, the process works like this:
We will weigh and unload your scrap metals, and put a cash payment on your hand or the load.
Once the metals are unloaded our technicians will start the process of sorting the scrap that can be recycled, and that which cannot be recycled.
The scrap metals will then be processed, purified, smelt down, and reused and resold as recycled metals.
The process is one that is environmentally sound; and, one that can put hundreds of dollars in the hands of weekend scrap collectors. Western Metal Recycling stays up to date with the current value of metals, so our customers do receive fair prices for their metal loads.
We buy all types of metals, including but not limited to:
Scrap cars – There is no need to tear them apart with Western Metal Recycling, we go to all the tedious and dirty work of scrapping & recycling the car for our customers; and, still provide them with optimal value for their cars.
Aluminium – We buy all types of aluminium products like old lawn furniture.
Copper – Don’t throw that copper wiring away; contact us, and we’ll buy it.
Old appliances – Believe it or not, there are many metals in the motors of your old appliances. Get cash for old appliances with Western Metal Recycling of Perth.
Cast iron – We buy cast iron regardless of the product. Give us a call and get your scrap iron sold today.
Scrap metals owners can easily get their scrap metals sold to Western Metal Recycling. Contact us for a quote, and we’ll come to you to remove your load. Give us a call at the number below, or contact us online through our “Get a Quote” form. We pay cash for scrap metals- ferrous and non-ferrous. Call us at 0415 227 955.