When you notice a puddle under the hood, it is a cause for concern. Your first thought may be that you have an oil leak; but, when you check the oil, its level is fine. There are many fluids under the hood with one of them leaking, causing the issue. Pro Car Removal offers the following information on the types of fluid it could be leaking from under your hood. With leaks, mechanical attention is necessary to prevent engine damage.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

The Dextron type of auto transmission fluid has a sharp, distinctive odor and is deep red. If you notice a thick red fluid with a smell that sits and slowly soaks into the driveway, the trouble could be your transmission fluid is leaking.

Power Steering Fluid

The power steering fluid is a fluid that is yellow and a similar texture or thickness of watered down waffle syrup. While you may see puddles under your car If it is leaking, you will likely also feel like the steering is slipping. This is because the fluid is low.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid has somewhat of a sweet smell and is quite thin. The colour of the fluid can vary but is typically blue, orange, or green. When it is leaking it can form a puddle under the hood of the car. If the winshield washer system has frozen and cracked the fluid reservoir, it can cause a great deal of damage to the pump and hoses.

Brake Fluid

When the brake fluid is leaking, immediate attention is required. The fluid is similar to power steering fluid and smells like a shop with mechanics and grease. Its thickness is medium thick and it is yellowish in colour.


The coolant is the antifreeze, and one of the most common leaks. The coolant is typically green or pink in colour, and has a sweet smell.

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