Tyres to Carry

We’ve all had a similar nightmare: It’s raining buckets outside, the window wipers are going, and all of a sudden you hear the thud of your tyre and realise that it has popped, leaving you stranded. No one wants to be stuck in that scenario, and the only way to prevent it is by investing in a great set of tyres that will withstand the pressure of the road ahead.

How to Know You’re in Trouble

The best way to avoid a catastrophic tyre situation is to check continually that your current ones are still up to par. Some of the best ways to tell if you need new tyres are:

  • Tyre age: You should be switching your tyres every 6-10 years, or whatever your specific tyre manufacturer suggests
  • The tread is worn down completely, leading to zero traction
  • There are abnormal bulges or bubbles in the sidewall of the tyre

If you notice any of these signs then you should start searching for a trusted tyres supplier in Stourbridge before the worst happens.

Safety First

Beyond not wanting to have to change your tyre in the rain, it is also a hazard to leave your tyres unchecked or unchanged for too long. With the unpredictable weather in the UK, you want to be sure that the traction in your tyres will allow you to make all of the safety corrections needed to keep you out of harm’s way when driving. Slipping and sliding all over the pavement is not something that will end well.

Don’t delay in getting your tyres checked out and your car performing at its best once again with the help of a professional and experienced tyre supplier in your area.