Hyundai while developing their first-generation Genesis sedan couldestablish it officially as a standalone in November 2015. There was no looking back since their flagship model G90 was launched, followed by the G80 series. Genesis then launched its next model, the G70, and then the GV80 wooed the market as a concept car that is considered as the preview of the first SUV from Genesis brand. The hauler is now all set to make its entry in the coming year 2019, but the curious journalism was smart enough to take a sneak pick of the model. So let’s take a closer look at what is in store for us in this Genesis brand SUV.

The Exterior

Starting with the exterior look, the GV80, as disclosed by the Genesis Cherry Hill dealeris probably going to get some new front grille design to match with the concept. There is a chance that Genesis GV80 would go for a slightly slimmer chrome trim, with an upper section with an artistic finish painted the same throughout the body. What might get noticed first is the mesh with a honeycomb-like design. Quite similar to that of the G80 sedan, GV80 may come in versions like a standard-spec,thin, horizontal slats SUV and a Sport model with a honeycomb mesh.

The Interior

The upcoming GV80 is said to be coming with an interior with a concept cabin quite alike the big sedans, but one can’t be sure till the car moves in the ramp.It could be a four-door car and given the size it would be, the SUV might get some inspiration lines from its predecessor the G80.

The sedan is expected to bemodern enough with a stylish demeanor, sportinga dashboard of a big slab of wood veneer, to give it that premium look, and a big screen is on the cards to add to the center of the dashboard.There’s no doubt with the fact that Genesis would try its level-best to make this first SUV cabin feel like the most driver-friendly place than ever.

To add to the impression theinlays clad with a mixture of aluminum and chrome, with a smart looking digital instrument cluster at the front, on the other side, a multi-function steering wheel would keep the driver be at ease. The door panels would have a fancy look with all leather and wood veneer wraps.

To make all the corners comfortable, the seats are supposed to be positionedon a higher plane. The rear section is most likely to provide ample legroom, headroom and a spacious trunk to go at per with its German counterparts.

The Drivetrain

As described by the Genesis dealer Cherry Hill experts, with a horsepower of 311 at 6,000 rpm and a 293 pound-feet of torque at 5,000 rpm, the new GV80 is having enough power to push the SUV to serveimpeccable performance.

Both the engines would be given the support of an eight-speed automatic transmission but probably won’t have any manual option or even a dual-clutch. The Rear-wheel-drive versionmight come as standard for the base models, but there can be an AWD option as well.