As some of you out there may already have seen, in many manufacturing plants, hoists are commonly put to use to move heavy items from place to place, and also to help get finished materials loaded onto vehicles for delivery.

Most hoist parts are seldom seen with only the hook and chain being displayed and easy to observe.

Not as Basic as Most People Imagine

Some of the hidden hoist parts are:

Some other crucial parts which help to administer the lifting ability of the hoist are:

  • The control panel, which houses all of the hoist’s control buttons
  • The drive motor which can alternate between that of an electric motor or an air-powered one.

Hidden Parts and Other Components

These consist of:

  • The drive motor
  • Lift hooks
  • Lifting arm lever locks

All of which are typically overlooked with just a brief glance.

Other Important Hoist Parts are:

  • The safety catch
  • The control lever
  • Mounting bolts which are essential to the operation and use of the hoist

Items such as cables, chain slings, roller guides and control switches are all important and relevant parts of all hoists.

The Air Powered Type

An air-powered hoist uses an air compressor, air hose and line filter to prevent any type of damage happening to the motor’s inner workings, such as from exposure to water from airlines.

The Electric Powered Type

When using the electric-powered hoist, a number of hoist parts are to be found in the electrical system of the structure.

  • Fuses and wiring harnesses which are necessary to deliver the power to the motor are installed inside walls to keep out of sight.

Proactive Parts

Water filters that extract most of the trapped water from airlines are integral to the longer lasting and smoother working of all hoists.

  • One of the proactive parts fitted in the airline of a hoist motor is what is known as an oil injection unit.
  • This extremely fine mist of oil goes into the airline at pre-set intervals of time to help with the lubrication of the hoist motor.

Other proactive elements of the hoist are the emergency cable/chain locks which are fitted to prevent any kind of accidental dropping of loads.

Weights and Flashing Lights

The spool clutch has been specially designed to slip should a load be too heavy for the hoists lifting ability, and is built into the hoist’s design.

Flashing lights and a beeper warning sound are parts that typically seen on a hoist to alert employees when a hoist is moving nearby overhead, so that they should be alert and careful regarding all safety concerns of the hoist.

The humble hoist – And most good folk think it’s just some chain slings and a hook!