The progressively popular single axle trailer is towed at the rear of a vehicle and is generally utilised for carrying items from one place to the other. This kind of trailer features one single axle, to which two wheels are joined to allow it to smoothly move behind a vehicle. The single axle trailer type is commonly used to haul only smaller amounts of weight, and, if anything, over that set weight is loaded, it raises the possibility of overturning it. The trailer is firmly connected to a truck or SUV in many cases, although you will often see cars also towing smaller versions of the trailer.

Dissimilar to larger sorts of trailers, the single axle trailer design can differ.

  • Some of these trailers are contained, which then protects all of the contents from any exposure to the weather and from robbery or harm.
  • Other types of trailers are of the open-air design type, and the back end of these trailers can often be lowered to make a ramp for loading up or unloading.

These types of trailers are certainly more popular with anyone who is involved in:

Keeping things Safe and Secure

The way a single axle trailer is connected to a vehicle involves connecting the trailer hitch to a hitch receiver at the rear of the vehicle. The hitch receiver’s hauling weight limit as well as the size of the vehicle doing the towing, will determine how large of a trailer can be securely and safely hauled. Special security chains are also attached between the trailer and the hitch as an extra piece security if somehow the hitch system happens to come apart.

Legally speaking, the single axle trailer is must be fitted out with brake lights that will operate in sync with the towing vehicles:

  • Brake lights
  • Plus, the axle, wheels, and tyres have to be the proper size in many cases to be able to function safely and securely on the roads.
  • The trailer’s frame will also have to be made solid and sturdy to prevent any loss of control on the nation’s motorways.


Some single axle trailers are designed and manufactured for specific reasons. A car hauler, for example, is a short, single axle design that allows for a car or a truck to be safely secured to the trailer unit and then transported by another vehicle. Other types of single axle trailers are made specially to tow small boats, jet skis, motorbikes, ATVs, etc..

These various types of design can also be open-air or enclosed, depending on the owner’s needs. Sometimes, the size of the trailer will be slightly and then these specialty trailers may then require two or more axles, depending on the size and weight of what is being hauled.

Nowadays, trailers have become more popular than ever before!