No matter whether your Mercedes Benz is old or new, it requires maintenance and service to keep it running in top shape. They are not only luxurious and prestigious automobiles, but finely engineered machines. Their precision manufacture calls for the best and most qualified mechanics. A Mercedes Benz factory dealership can provide you service, but we all know how busy they are and how expensive that can be. Fortunately, there is local Mercedes servicing in Newcastle to keep your prized Mercedes Benz in tip top running condition. Here are some things to look for in an independent Mercedes Benz service specialist.

  • Factory Trained Technicians – Your independent Mercedes Benz Service specialist should employ Factory Diagnostic Technicians. Each vehicle manufacturer has its own unique specifications, design and service requirements. A Mercedes Benz is precision engineered to exacting standards and requires intimate knowledge of factory service procedures. Your best service will come from a factory trained technician.
  • Factory Parts and Software – make sure your independent service specialist uses Genuine Mercedes Benz parts and specialized Mercedes Benz Diagnostic software. They should be able to update your Mercedes Digital Service Records for warranty purposes.
  • Other Services – Your independent Mercedes specialist should be able to take care of all of your Mercedes Benz’ needs. That should include transmission work, air conditioning, tyres, electrical repairs and even adaptations

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to avoid those long waits and high prices at the dealership when it’s time for some service. It’s easy, simply entrust the care of your prized Mercedes Benz to an independent specialist!