Car Maintenance

A car is a vital personal investment, and it takes a lot of hard work to own one. It would help if you looked after the vehicle to prevent unwanted issues and ensure reliability. Used cars demand extra attention because they are harder to maintain than new cars.

The best way to prolong your vehicle’s lifespan is by following certain maintenance practices. These maintenance practices also save you significant cash amounts in repairs. Parts of a car that need extra attention include the engine and air clutch. This article will discuss the best car maintenance tips.

1. Check the Cooling System and Radiator

A basic radiator check is easy, and it occurs with the engine off. It will also help to top up the recommended coolant if it is low or contact a professional. Suppose your car consistently loses its coolant, then a leak could suggest more significant problems. Inspect the pipes, hoses, and other brake parts to prevent accidents and prolong their lifespan.

2. Check the Engine Oil Often

You should check the engine oil at least twice monthly to detect any issues early. Oil problems can be missed easily when left for long, causing significant damage to the engine. Below we discuss how to check engine oil;

  • Park on a level place
  • Please turn on the engine and allow it to run shortly before switching it off.
  • Remove the dipstick after the engine becomes warm and clean using a towel
  • Eliminate the dipstick and confirm whether the oil level is correct. The oil level should be in between the high and low rankings.

3. Check the Battery Condition 

Before checking the battery condition, kindly remember that it is dangerous, and you should not leave it near a lit cigarette. Checking the battery condition often is one of the best car maintenance practices. It saves you from unwanted flats, among other issues.

Also, remove caps from the battery and ensure the fluid is deep enough for the immersion of the plate. Some batteries lack removable caps but have an indicator on the exterior to enable you to check battery health quickly.

It will also help to top up the battery with distilled water if it is low but avoid overfilling it. Also, replace caps and ensure the clamps are tight. The battery’s top should also be dry and clean to prevent corrosion. The signs that indicate your car needs a new battery include delayed startups, enhancing its longevity.

4. Check the Tyres

Checking your tire’s general condition and pressure increases their lifespan and keeps you safe on the road. The correct car tire pressure is found on the placard in either of the front doors. Drivers are advised to carry their tire pressure gauge since not all stations are accurate.

Final Thoughts 

A car is an important property that must be taken care of to prolong its lifespan. The top maintenance tips include checking tires, air clutch, and engine oil. The above article has discussed the best tips to achieve this, and you can reach out for more details.