Hiring a car requires a full inspection of the exterior of the car. This should not be overlooked at all. Making a checklist of the things that need to be inspected is a very good idea because this means that you are not going to forget anything.

The hire company will be happy for you to inspect the exterior of the car before you decide to hire it. Which exterior aspects can be looked at?

The Tires – the tires will keep the car steady on the road and will allow it to corner properly. The tires will have been pumped up to the correct standard by the hire firm. They will make sure that the tread of the

The Lights – the lights are going to assist you when you are travelling at night or you are going through some foggy weather. These lights should be able to go full-beam at the flick of a switch. Try out the lights and then move onto the next aspect of the car.

The Windscreen Wipers – the windscreen wipers are going to prevent rain and other debris from disrupting your journey at all. You should check the windscreen wipers before choosing car rental in Norwich by turning them on, even if no rain is falling.

The Doors – the doors are going to keep you secure as you are driving along. They will also protect any possessions that left inside. The locks on the door are going to be tested by the hire firm before you take the car off their hands.

The Indicators – the indicators will allow you to show your intentions to turn when you are on the road. The indicators will have been thoroughly checked by the hire company. You will be able to use them throughout the whole time that you have hired the vehicle.

The Exhaust – the exhaust needs to be working efficiently so that you are not wasting petrol. You will not want to have to fill up the tank again after you have hired the vehicle. The exhaust is going to be fully checked and it is going to work perfectly after you have hired the car.

What Should You Do After You Have Inspected The Exterior

Taking the car for a test drive is going to be the next phase of the process. You will have a firm idea of whether you would like to hire the car after you have completed the drive pay attention to:

  • The steering
  • The cornering
  • The braking
  • The way the engine sounds

Article Summation

You should always check the exterior of a car that you are thinking of buying. Try to be as thorough as possible when you are inspecting the vehicle because this makes signing on the dotted line much easier than if you just take a cursory glance. The same type of car can be hired on a regular basis if you are completely happy with it.