Many of us all remember our first car and we have very fond memories of it. It was cheap, but it was reliable and it took us and our friends, anywhere we wanted to go. It opened up a world of possibilities for us, but as the years moved on, it became harder and harder to start every morning. Sometimes, we needed friends and neighbours to help push it to get it started and some mornings, it surprised us and started the first time that we turned the key in the ignition. However, the time always came for a change and we needed somewhere to put the old car.

There are a number of local vehicle scrapping services in Rainham and they can dispose of your old car or your crashed car in a responsible manner. Here is what happens to your old car.

  1. They will strip it down to its bare parts and any panels and other usable parts will be offered for resale. This way, new parts don’t have to be made and you reduce your carbon footprint.
  1. All liquids are drained from the car like oil, brake fluid and antifreeze to make sure that they don’t seep into the ground and then into the water table. The environment is their first priority.
  1. The shells of the cars are then stored to be recycled later and melted down to be used again and again. It is all a very environmentally friendly procedure.

If you have an old car, do the responsible thing and get it down to your local vehicle scrapping centre.