It is law in the UK that every vehicle that is older than 3 years, must take an MOT test, which is an annual inspection to ensure that the vehicle in question is roadworthy. If your car is coming up to its very first MOT test, here are a few things to check prior to the test date.

  • Windscreen – Wipers and Washer– The windscreen should have no chips or cracks and the wipers should work, along with the screen washer (no water and it’s a fail). The wiper blades should not be withered or deformed in any way.
  • Brakes– The car would be put on a rolling road and the brakes tested for efficiency, while the handbrake is also checked for correct tension.
  • Seatbelts– The seatbelts should all be present and in good working order, and a frayed belt would likely result in a failure.
  • Steering & Shock Absorbers– Both are checked to see if they work correctly, and any excessive play in the steering might result in a fail.
  • Tyres– The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm and there should be no bulges or tears on the sidewalls of the tyre, and the tyres should be in good condition with adequate tread to grip the road.

If you book your car in for a pre-MOT inspection, this will reveal any issues and you can carry out prompt repairs and then book your car in the MOT test.