Charging batteries can be a process that is likely underestimated. Using the wrong amount of voltage or making another small mistake can lead to damage on the charging device and the batteries themselves. With modern features guaranteed to perform, the BatteryMINDer 12248 is perfect for any 12-volt charging needs. It has more than a few safety features available to ensure perfect charging anytime. With the ability to charge vehicles, motorcycles, equipment, any battery requiring 12-volts including dry-sealed and wet varieties.

Main Features

The BatteryMINDer 12248 comes with a array of features from Low-Amperage charge, 3 Stage charger, Desulfator, many safety features, and several different battery models to ensure the right one for the task at hand.

Other Key Features:

  • Capable of charging 70% to 200% faster than other conventional battery charging models.
  • 3-Stage Charge ensures a 100% charge, every charge.
  • Maximizes the lifespan of all types of lead-acid batteries, including maintenance-free Gel and Absorbed Glass Mat.
  • An intuitive push- button interface allows for complete control of the charge and type rates of many different sizes and brand models.

Low-Amperage Charge

This feature allows a battery to be charged with a low-amp rate, with options allowing 2, 4, or 8 amps, and a trickle charge setting. It will keep your batteries on a steady charge, preventing damage from constant full-power charges or from long stretches of non-use. The BatteryMINDer 12248 will keep your batteries ready when you need them.

Safety Features

This model comes with several safety features readily available, protecting both the product and the battery being charged. As well as a few user-friendly precautions. Reverse-Polarity and Overcharge protection are the two most important features of this model. If the polarity is reversed, the BatteryMINDer will notify you with a red-light indicator. It will prevent the charge from occurring until the polarity is corrected.


This feature uses a sweep pulse technology with high frequencies to remove the corrosion on the terminals. This buildup is very common among batteries that have been sitting for long periods of time and have lost most (if not all) of their charge.

Optional Accessories

A great companion to the BatteryMINDer 12248 is the BatteryMINDer Volt Battery Temperature Sensor. This handy device senses the temperature of the charging battery to adjust the output accordingly.

The Battery Tender Ring Terminal Harness with Quick Disconnect Plug is also a popular accessory. The 18” cord adaptor will help with those hard-to-reach batteries.


At the time of writing, the BatteryMINDer 12248 was available for the price range of $100 – $130, not including shipping and handling, on many online outlets like Amazon and Overstock.

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The BatteryMINDer 12248 is a replace-them-all option for battery chargers. With multiple innovate features and safety kept in mind, it’s the only charger easy enough for beginners, while keeping the requirements only asked by the professionals. The sleek and compact design are a perfect choice for any of your needs.