Staying safe on holiday is something that all travellers worry about, but campervanners have an extra issue to think about: security. How do you keep your belongings safe when you’re out and about, exploring the world in your campervan?

The answer is a security device. These are essential for any campervan owner. They help you keep your belongings and your van safe. However, not all security devices are equal. Some are better than others and you need to make sure that you choose one that really works.

The best campervan security combinations will include a visible deterrent and an invisible deterrent. The visible deterrent will act as a noticeable preventative measure, while the invisible one helps stop thieves if they are able to bypass the first one. Below are some of the most popular types of campervan security systems used for campervans:

Firstly let’s start with the very basic deterrents such as steering wheel locks, these are usually fitted to the steering wheel and lock into place preventing the person trying to steal your car from being able to turn the steering wheel, they can be quite effective if you have a cheap car that is not worth stealing or if you live in a low crime area and are going on holiday. The reason I say this is if someone wants your car they will take it no matter what is in their way or how long it takes them. You could fit 5 steering locks and they would still break in.

Steering locks can be quite difficult to fit so if you have ever had your car broken into or stolen before then don’t bother with this type of security device, there are far better ones available that will actually stop your vehicle from being stolen.

A door lock is the first line of defense against potential thieves and usually serves as a visual deterrent. Door locks will vary depending on your make and model, but there are several different styles available:

These are high-security locks that will not open from inside or outside of your vehicle unless you use a key. They are typically used for both external and internal doors. Deadbolt locks can be mechanical or electrical.

Deadlock Replacement Kits are often used with deadbolt locks to replace your stock campervan door lock. Campervan owners who want to upgrade their security should look into installing this kind of lock, which includes brackets, bolts and other hardware needed to install it. The kits can be installed yourself or by a professional, depending on the skill level of the user.