The gearbox in your car is designed to regulate the amount of power produced by the engine and how it’s distributed among the wheels. Manual gearboxes are no longer popular among drivers, with many opting for the simplicity and the convenience provided by the automatic gearbox. However, with the passage of time, problems with the gearbox are likely to occur, and you will need to take it into the shop for repairs. Some common issues you might have to deal with include:

  • Grinding noises when changing gears
  • Gears don’t change smoothly
  • Gearbox liquid begins to leak

If you want a proper service for your gearbox in Romford, there are numerous workshops in the area. Here is a simple guide on how to fix these gearbox issues.

Contact a Local Workshop

If you are constantly noticing a problem with the gearbox, the first step you need to take is to get in touch with a local workshop that specialises in gearbox repairs. They will give you a date and time, and you can take your car to their workshop for a thorough inspection.

Replacing the Gearbox

If the problem cannot be fixed with conventional repair, your only other option will be to replace the gearbox in its entirety. This might cost you a hefty amount of money, but it’s the only way to keep your car running. Gearbox problems need to be resolved as quickly as possible otherwise they can even lead to major accidents.