driving in winter

Winter is a season that is mostly enjoyed indoors, but more often than not you may need to drive due to unavoidable circumstances. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the roads like a pro while ensuring safety for you and other motorists.

Proper Vehicle maintenance ensure your car engine, battery, brakes, and tires are in good shape before getting on the road, also ensure your toolbox is well stocked just in case of an emergency on the road as it can be hard to get help during winter, also ensure the tires are well inflated and have plenty of treads.

Gas at half tank this is a must as it will ensure that the gas line will not freeze. It is also advisable to ensure that you have extra fuel in the car just in case you will be required to drive for an extra mile on the road.

Drive slowly being a speed guru on the road will hardly help during the snow season as the roads will make it impossible. Ensure that you drive slowly to avoid a collision if you will be required to abruptly stop due to something unavoidable.

Use Headlights this will make you visible to other motorists and you will be able to see the road more clearly, therefore, avoiding an accident.

Following speed, anything is expected during winter and to be on the safe side it is always important for you to increase your space between cars, this will reduce the chances of a hit if you will require to abruptly stop due to the bad winter weather.

Stop and wait if you feel that your vision has been compromised it is always safe to stop at the nearest exit and wait for the weather to clear so as to avoid an accident. Open the window slowly to avoid dying from carbon monoxide and keep warm in the car. Keep the engine running to keep it from freezing. You can hire a car if you feel you are not confident. 

Basic essential stock with winter a drive to the supermarket may end up being an overnight affair due to the bad roads and weather, it is always advisable to keep some warm clothes, snacks, flashlight and any other emergency tool in the car to keep you warm while in the car.

Know your car during the winter season it is always important to know how your car operates in certain conditions, just in case it skids you know how to handle it.

Stay home during the bad weather drivers are advised to stay home if they can avoid it as the roads are unpredictable and not being behind the wheel is the only assurance of not being involved in an accident.

The AAA advises that if you can avoid going up a hill it’s the best decision you can make, but if you have to avoid stopping which can make you lose the grip of the tire. Lastly, avoid panic this will ensure you make sober decisions.