The MOT test is required for all car owners throughout the country. It is a strict test imposed by the Ministry of Transport and requires drivers to get their cars tested and checked at least once a year to ensure that they are roadworthy and capable of being driven.

Where to Get the Test

You can get an affordable MOT in Hamilton from many local places. The test involves checking the vehicle’s emissions levels, the engine performance, as well as braking and other things. It is carried out by an experienced mechanic who inspects everything in the vehicle and then compiles a report highlighting the problems in your car. You can book your car for the MOT test through any local workshop in your area.

Testing Process

  • The test usually lasts about an hour or so, during which time you will be asked to wait in the waiting area. You can also observe the inspection.
  • The tires will be checked, and the external condition of the vehicle will be observed to make sure that it’s worthy of being on the road.
  • The company will also check the engine performance and gauge the emissions from your vehicle to ensure that the catalytic converter is working fine.
  • There’s a checklist that will be followed to determine if your car passes the test. If it fails, the mechanics will give you a list of recommendations to follow to get it repaired and then schedule the inspection again.