It is not every day that a person is given the opportunity to learn how to drive and to become one of millions of motorists sharing the roads all over the UK and beyond. That said, you cannot simply climb into a vehicle, start the engine, and then expect to be able to drive safely wherever you go because this is a complex machine with many features to learn about. In addition to learning how to operate the vehicle safely, you must learn the laws of the road and the meaning of each sign that you may come across when on the road so that you remain safe and comfortable at all times.

Faster Learning

  • The ability to take driving lessons in Enfield is not restricted to those only just now of age and beginning to learn about vehicles. This is the type of class that will present you with much useful information at a fast pace.
  • These lessons are designed to maximise your safety when on the road and to minimise your risk to other motorists as you continue to build experience and confidence in yourself while behind the wheel.


You absolutely must undergo schooling and then pass an examination before you are allowed to legally operate a moving vehicle, which is why you cannot put off taking such lessons. Some find the idea of sitting behind a wheel and operating what amounts to a two or more tonne machine disconcerting but you will find the process much easier and more relaxing than you predict.