When your car gets old, there are often some decisions that need to be made. You may have parts that need to be replaced which are hard to find. In such situations, it may be time to dispose of the vehicle. If the repairs are going to cost more than buying a new car, many people make the decision to let the old car go. There are places that specialise in the disassembly and disposal of old cars. These places can help you rebuild an old car or throw it out in a responsible way.

Mystery Parts

As cars get older, the parts can be much harder to find. Car manufacturers change everything from door handles to mirrors. The part you need for your vehicle may not be in production anymore. Some people enjoy rebuilding old cars. They may turn to experienced car breakers in Brighton to find the parts they need. When people turn in their old cars for disposal, many of the parts are salvaged for car enthusiasts. These car breakers are helpful for the following:

  • Finding the parts you need
  • Allowing you to enjoy making an old car new again
  • Providing old parts for car collectors


Most people simply trade in their old car for a new one every few years. This works out well, as a trade-in acts as part of the down payment. If you are one of those people that drives their car until it is too old to trade in, however, other arrangements must be made. Obviously, a car is a large item that must be thrown out according to the rules in your area. There are places designed just for this purpose. These establishments save viable parts to sell and then break down the cars into scrap metal.

Cars last a long time and can be rebuilt to run like new. This is often a hobby that people become interested in. The parts for these older cars may need to be salvaged from cars that people throw away. When it is time to dispose of your car, seek out a reputable breaker to assist you.