Your car is going to experience some kinds of problems; that is practically inevitable. If you have a car long enough, something will malfunction. Fortunately, the car will likely make sounds or display certain symptoms that can be identified.

Car Dies While Driving

If your car dies while driving, it could be a sign that several different things have gone wrong. It’s definitely a sign you need car repair services in Leicester.

  • If the electrical components start to dim or become sluggish before the car dies, it likely means your battery died. That means you need to have your alternator checked because your battery should not even be engaged while the vehicle is running.
  • If the engine sputters before it dies, that could indicate a problem with the fuel flow. Make sure there is fuel in the tank; if there is, it could be a problem with your fuel lines.

Car Whines on Startup

If the car makes a high-pitched whine when you start it but it fades over time, that’s likely a problem with the fan belt. The belt can begin to slip and will only catch once it has warmed up. To avoid this, you need to have a mechanic inspect the belt. They will either replace it or apply a type of adhesive to make the grip more effective.

Car Shakes When Braking

If the car shakes when you press the brakes, your rotors are likely warped. You need to replace them before you lose braking ability.