Currently learner drivers are not able to drive on motorways, however now it is believed it could be a very important part of becoming a confident driver. There are currently lessons for people with a license that are not confident enough to drive on the motorway for the first time without an instructor’s assistance.

A change in the law

It has been said that experiencing motorway driving as a learner would be a valuable part of your driving experience. The law is set to be changing and by 2018 learner drivers could be on the motorway in a safe controlled environment. Only 3% of recently passed drivers will take on extra learning for motorway driving.

Could there be fewer accidents and deaths?

It cannot be said for sure but the government and DFT believe experiencing motorway driving lessons will provide insight into what it is like to drive on such a busy road. Consequently, this could reduce road deaths. It is easy to see why this would be, as most recently passed individuals will experience their first motorway journey with no experience. Most won’t have a clue on what to expect and will most likely be alone in the car.

Who does it apply to?

Motorway lessons won’t apply to everyone. It shall only apply to cars. Motorbikes and mopeds don’t qualify. It will be introduced in England, Scotland and Wales by 2018. Lessons are typically focused at younger drivers under 25. This is because younger drivers are more likely to have accidents when driving alone especially on the motorway.

Will this affect Pass Plus?

The answer is No. Pass Plus will not be affected. Pass plus was brought in to help licensed drivers get onto the motorway while under the guidance of an instructor. Pass Plus will still be available if drivers wish to get extra experience after passing their test. Pass Plus is not only for experience on the motorway but to also to help your confidence in other areas of driving that you may feel you still need guidance on, even after passing. Including driving in the dark and dual carriage ways.

Benefits to having motorway lessons introduced

Don’t forget your instructor will have dual controls making it easier to gain your confidence knowing if you begin to fluster your instructor can take over the pedals leaving you to concentrate on steering. It is extremely important that these lessons are introduced to learn the valuable skills required to drive on the motorway. Some licensed drivers will avoid the motorway altogether after passing their test due to no experience on how to drive in such a demanding area.

Negatives to having motorway lessons introduced

The DVSA are already struggling which extremely long waiting times for learner drivers to take their test. Cancellation checkers are even being used, due to the competitiveness of finding a driving test within a suitable amount of time – you can read more information here. With the current struggle of the present waiting times, would it be wise to put even more strain on driving test centres no where near a motorway?

Welcome to the world motorway lessons

No one will ever be fully prepared for travelling on the motorway but motorway lessons can help reduce the anxiety around driving on the motorway. Learners may be apprehensive about taking lessons if it means driving on the motorway but it is believed it will be better than doing it alone after passing.