4-Wheeler in Melbourne

It is essential that 4wheel drive owners know their vehicles. Reading the owners’ manuals from cover to cover is essential which will help you to familiarise yourself with your car or truck. Cash For Your Cars offers the following suggestions on what to use and when.

Four High

When you have your 4wheeler in Four High, you can drive at all normal speeds. Drivers can set their vehicles into four high on the highway and roads that are wet, icy, or snowy. This setting is also good when driving on a level, loose gravel roads, roads that are packed sand, or roads that are muddy. Four high is a setting when you are driving on surfaces where there is the need for extra traction.

Four Low

Four low is for some serious four wheel driving like when driving in the mud, snow, deep sand, when climbing rocks, crossing water, and ascending or descending hills. When you set the vehicle into four low, traveling speeds should be kept low, too. Low meaning, you shouldn’t travel at 40 mph. Four low is designed for maximum traction and maximum power.

Automatic Four Wheel Drive

An automatic four-wheel drive is a setting that drivers can “set and forget.” With this setting, the vehicle drives in two-wheel drive and when four-wheel drive is needed it will automatically shift into four-wheel drive. This setting should be used when driving on roads that have a combination of elements like patches of ice and snow, etc.

When driving your 4wheel drive on flat, smooth, and dry roads, do not travel in the 4wheel drive as it can damage the drivetrain. When driving in four wheel drive more torque is provided and all tyres are engaged in the movement. You should always travel at speeds that are safe, allowing you adequate time to stop.

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