maintenance for windscreen

One of the most neglected aspects of car care is the regular maintenance of the windshield. Apart from the regular cleaning of the windshield, we need to ensure that proper service and maintenance is done to extend the durability of the windshield. Keeping the windshield clean and unbroken is vital for our safety as well.

In this post let us check some easy and effective tips to keep your windshield in good health as a safety precaution along with saving some amount of money –

Do not part the vehicle under direct sunlight

It is always a risk factor to park the car carelessly. Apart from other damages, the windshield will also be affected due to careless parking. When parked under direct sunlight the extreme temperature will cause stress cracking in the windshield, and eventually, the entire glass will result in breaking,

Any existing cracks will also tend to spread due to the high temperature from sun rays. Glass tints are sensitive to UV rays and result in damages.

Ensure to park the vehicle neatly arranged garage or basement. Or you may park the car under the shaded spots as much as possible. This helps in preventing any damage to the windshield.

Ensure to repair the chipped or cracked windshield

An impactful hit of a stone or heavy object will result in the cracking or chipping of the windshield. Bubble formation between the glass layers is also found in some windshields due to the falling of heavy objects.

Ensure to give immediate attention to the repair cracks

Regardless of the size of the crack, it is extremely significant to repair the damage as quickly as possible. With time, the cracks would spread and expand in size affecting the visibility of the driver.

Even the minor cracks or damages cause safety issues ending up replacing the entire glass. Remember that windscreen replacement is a bigger loss than getting the glass repaired.

Ensure to replace windshield wipers

The windshield wiper affects the windshield of the vehicle adversely. The wiper consists of two components, the metal structure inside which is coated with the rubber outside.

When the outer rubber coating wears out, the metal structure gets exposed. This causes serious scratches on the glass when the wiper is run to wipe the glass.

Hence, regular changing of the wiper helps to avoid scratches. The wear and tear of the wiper blades can be avoided. The debris, moisture and sunlight will cause damage to the rubber outer structure. Get the wiper replaced at least once a year to avoid such issues and protect the windshield. To find out more about windshield protection, go through the website.

Use quality cleaning products to clean the vehicle

Scratches are formed when harsh chemicals such as ammonia-based cleaners are used to clean the vehicle glass. Also, it is extremely important to avoid DIY cleaners, abrasive kitchen sponges, towels that results in the damage of the glass or leave streaks on the window,

Ensure to use the cleaners that are specifically designed for the cleaning of the windshield in the car. These are the soft microfiber towel that helps in protection against the damages of glass.