Refrigerated Van buying guide

An existing business or start-up who are involved in the transportation of perishable good of any kind will have the requirement of a refrigerated van. The vehicle ensures the transported items are maintained in the best quality and does not cause any health hazard to the customers using it.

The refrigerated van also is an essential need to keep the company reputation. And it ensures to abide by the legislative laws to preserve the food items at the best quality.

But to own a refrigerated van is not as simple as many think. There are several issues associated with it – such as size and load capacity, temperature control and more.

The need of the refrigerated van

The vehicle should suit your business needs to ensure the best deliverable to the customers. Are you considering buying the refrigerated van, here is the comprehensive guide to help you with the best decision?

Refrigerated vehicles are used by various businesses such asfood, florist, supermarket, dairy products industries. One of the main factors to consider while buying a refrigerated van is temperature control.

Most of the perishable items get spoiled when it is kept under a certain temperature. This calls the need for no careless handling even while it is on the transportation stage.

Remember that different product has different temperature requirement. For example, the transportation of flowers requires a refrigerated van that is maintained at the chilled temperature between 5°C to 7°C.

But food items can be carried in two separate compartments. One should be with adequate temperature to carry non-perishable items, and the other compartment for chill items such as dairy products.  All the food products such as meat, dairy products, fish and poultry have their temperature requirements. So when purchasing the refrigerator vans ensures that they can be set at different temperatures through a controlled setting. This helps in value for the investment you make on the vehicle.

Consider the industry you manage

As a thumb rule, it is essential to consider the type of good items that will be transported in the refrigerated van. For instance, the insulated van is designed to maintain the cooler temperature inside. The insulation helps to prevent overheating inside the van during the change of climatic conditions. The insulated vans are best suited for businesses purposes such as florist.

There are different types of refrigerator vans such as Chiller vans, semi-freezer and full-freezer vans. Each of these vehicles is designed to deliver a range of temperatures need based on the business needs.

Consider the cargo size and space

It is best to buy a van that can hold more items without leaving any unused space in between the cargo when transporting the good items on pallets.

One of the best options is to consider fridge van conversions – a truck or van can be converted into a refrigerated vehicle. But it is important to note that cargo space will be impacted when you convert the truck to a temperature-controlled vehicle.

Doors in the refrigerated van

The doors in the refrigerated van can be customised based on the products transported. For instance, when delivering the perishable products at a different site it is best to have the vehicle with the temperature set to a constant level. This will help to balance the temperature when the door is opened at different sites.