Manual Vs. Automatic Transmission Difference How They Work

As a car owner, it’s important to know every aspect of your vehicle. Doing so can help you identify what may be wrong or what you can do to improve your driving experience. One of the things that it’s important for a soon-to-be or even current car owner to know is the difference between manual and automatic transmission.

When looking at a used Mercedes Benz transmission, you’ll notice that they’re the very first thing stated: MT and AT. Why do they matter? Of course, we all know that an automatic transmission vehicle is something that you can just simply drive in contrast to the manual counterpart which has the gear stick.

How Do Car Transmissions Work?

Before we take a look at the difference between manual and automatic transmissions, we must first understand what transmission is. It’s the mechanical engineering involved to finetune the torque of the engine of the car that you are driving.

Within a gear are levers that rotate to provide a sufficient amount of force. These interlocking gears can be found just below the gear shifter for manual transmission vehicles. For automatic transmission vehicles, these levers rotate automatically depending on the calibration of the manufacturer.

Manual or Automatic Transmission: Which One is Better?

An automatic transmission car enthusiast will tell you that a manual transmission car is too archaic to even be left on the road. While this is the classic way of driving, it’s far beyond archaic. There are still benefits to manual transmissions, especially when driving large vehicles such as vans and trucks.

Automatic transmissions, however, make cars more accessible to consumers because they’re much easier to drive thanks to the removal of the gear shifter which could be yet another thing to worry about while inside of a vehicle.

Most young people nowadays only learn how to drive automatic transmission vehicles even though there’s still a sizeable amount of cars that come with manual transmission. There are also hybrids which provide you with the ability to drive in either capacity.

So Which One is Better?

The question has been asked several times in this article, but the answer is actually up to the preference of the person who is going to drive the vehicle. When you look at the costs involved in maintaining manual transmissions compared to automatic transmissions, you might notice that the edge belongs to MT.

With that in mind, you still have to consider the fact that most of the used Mercedes Benz transmission and other parts that you will see that are in great condition actually come from newer models which are mostly with automatic transmission.

Fuel Economy

The two words that both automatic and manual transmission car owners try to use to their advantage when presenting their case. Fuel economy is much better for manual transmission. However, automatic transmissions of the latest models are actually catching up, if they’re not better, to their manual counterparts.

It’s up to your own discretion as to which you choose. For the long haul, however, it seems that the trajectory of automatic transmissions is going to be much favorable compared to MT.

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