Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Systems have come up a long way in the world of technology nowadays, and for very good reason too. In case, you haven’t yet heard of what vehicle tracking is, it the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) to track positioning, idling time, and more of a particular vehicle using a GPS device connected in the vehicle itself. It works on the basis of satellite radio-navigation technology which accurately helps in pinpointing the location of the vehicle in question.

GPS tracking systems were once not free to use for all the common people of the world, that was, until they were made public for use in the year 2000. In fact, there has been such a tremendous growth in just the Indian market, that the Indian Space Research Organisation, under the Government of India, came up with India’s own GPS based system – the NAVIC ( Navigation Indian Constellation) which was completed and made available to the public in 2016.

So, if you’re here to learn about Vehicle Tracking, this article summarises all key advantages that an individual (or a fleet owner) will find useful, and hopefully, help you take the leap into the world of Vehicle Tracking!

Advantage #1 : Better Financial Management

Vehicle Tracking systems allow the user to keep a check on many aspects of the vehicle, from fuel consumption (along with a chart of approximate fuel which could be used on a trip using stats) to removal or breakdown of vital parts of the vehicle. These features help in cutting costs from the aspects mentioned above and more.

Advantage #2 : Time Saving

GPS tracking systems can help the owner of the vehicles to track idling time, changes taken from the original route during a trip and more. Apart from these tracking features, many of the best vehicle tracking systems in India also have an additional feature of reports which can be created (on the basis of trip routine, or vehicle, or even a certain driver/employee handling the vehicle), and shared on various platforms through the system itself.

This feature of most saves time normally wasted on keeping physical files (which are at the risk of personal tampering) assuring better work efficiency from your employees and having a trustworthy back up to look into in case of any payment issues.

Advantage #3 : Checking Driver Behaviour

In case you let any third party drivers handle your vehicle, it’s always at a risk of getting damaged due to their mistakes or rash driving on the road. But with GPS vehicle tracking systems, you can rest assured that you will be getting every important alert related to your vehicle (even ones your drivers could previously hide from you!)

From over speeding alerts, to alerts in regards to removal of fuel from the fuel tank, these updates could help you be closer to your vehicle while being miles away from it physically. In case your driver tries nefarious tricks with the vital parts of the vehicle, or tries to adulterate fuel for their own benefit, you’ll be getting every alert, that too on your application of choice! Some of the best vehicle tracking systems in India offer mobile applications along with mail alerts and SMS alerts at the same time.

Advantage #4 : Theft prevention

Vehicle theft is a common event in India, enabling people who either steal vehicle parts to sell off for a profit, or steal the vehicle itself under different pretences. A vehicle tracking system app can not only alert you if any part of the vehicle is removed unwantedly, as stated before, but can also help you track the vehicle and find it in case of theft.

Some of the personal car tracking devices also give an option to lock down your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office, to prevent it from being stolen.

Advantage #5 : Better Insurance Management

Some of the vehicle tracking system manufacturers in India are well known for providing this feature out of many. They offer applications which help keep track of insurance renewal dates, maintenance (service) dates, and even a date by which the vehicle should be replaced so as to prevent further loss of monetary funds through excess emission, and more.

GPS tracker for cars also bless you with a very hassle-free procedure of claims in case anything goes wrong, internally or on the road.

Advantage #6 : Improved customer service

With all of the advantages mentioned above, the ultimate advantage (after cost cutting) everyone is looking for, is to improve their customer service in order to expand their customer base. Being on time is one of the biggest contributors to this and theft prevention, speeding alerts and more just contribute to your vehicles being on schedule.

In case you aren’t a vehicle fleet owner, you can be on time to places, having smooth vehicle experience with no service or repair issues.

Advantage #7 : Improves Payment And Employee Management

Fleet owner or individual, you’ll have to pay your employees all the same. And many employees have had the tendency to try getting extra payment on basis of showing extra distance travelled. In the case something like this happens, you’ll always have the reports created by your GPS tracking system to fall back on, and save money from your own pockets.

Not only this, some of the best Indian vehicular tracking systems have detailed reports for a specific employee, or a specific destination which can be customized as per your needs.

Vehicle tracking systems are an investment, and there’s no other way you should look at them. You shouldn’t expect immediate returns and results, as there won’t be many. But we assure you, over time and in the longer run, the returns GPS tracking systems could give you might end up exceeding any of your other investments.

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