Your brakes are an essential component of your car, if you notice any issues with your Skoda, you shouldn’t take it lightly. If you hear strange sounds or any other problems, get them checked immediately.

Warning Lights

Your Skoda is a finely tuned machine, so if there is anything wrong with your brakes, your car will let you know. When one of the lights on your dashboard indicates a problem with your brakes, you shouldn’t dismiss the warning signs. If your car is alerting you to an issue, contact your local Skoda servicing & repairs in Guildford to book an inspection.

Resistance in the Brake Pedal

If you notice a change in the resistance on your brake pedal, you could have a problem with your brakes. If the brake sinks all the way to the floor when you apply pressure, air or moisture could be affecting your brakes.

Strange Sounds

Another sign to look out for when driving your Skoda is strange or unusual sounds when you brake. Here are 4 noises your brakes shouldn’t make when you apply pressure to the pedal.

  1. High pitched squeal
  2. Grinding
  3. Clunking
  4. Scraping


This could be caused by a brake calliper or a brake hose gone bad, you’ll only know when you have it checked by a trained mechanic. If one calliper is applying more pressure, you’ll experience an imbalance when stopping.

If you want to keep your Skoda in excellent working condition, it is essential that you don’t ignore the braking issues mentioned above.