If you manage a fleet of heavy goods vehicles, you will already appreciate the value of regular maintenance. These huge and complex vehicles require regular servicing and with the best commercial vehicle workshop in Matlock, all of your heavy vehicles can be maintained according to the manufacturers’ specifications.

The Power Wash

Heavy goods vehicles get covered in dirt and grime, and prior to any servicing, they need to be cleaned thoroughly with a high pressure water jet, which effectively removes all traces and allows the technician access to the components.

Scope of Maintenance

The following would be tasks would be included:

  • Engine Oil – Replaced, along with a new oil filter.
  • Hydraulic Oil – Levels checked.
  • Air Brakes – Reservoir and pipes inspected for signs of corrosion.
  • Air Filters – Cleaned or replaced.

The underside of the vehicle would be closely inspected, especially the exhaust system, which often needs repairing.


As with any vehicle, the tyres on a heavy goods vehicle need to be inspected for signs of wear, bulges and splits. Tyres would be replaced as required, ensuring the vehicle can handle the heavy loads.

Body Repairs

HGV trucks have their fair share of bumps and scrapes, and the body repair shop would fix and respray as required. This would likely involve some welding, and parts or all of the vehicle would be given a fresh coat of paint.

If your heavy goods vehicles are in need of maintenance, this isn’t something you can afford to put off, and an online search will put you in touch with a local commercial vehicle specialist.