When we drive around the streets, we invariably see many coaches on the roads, and if you have ever wondered where they are going, and whom they are transporting, worry no more, as this article will examine the many sectors that rely on coach transportation, and while some will be known to you, there will likely be a few that you had not considered.

  • Factory Workers –Some companies realise just how valuable it is to lay on transport for their factory staff, and with most plants running a 3-shift system, this involves round the clock cover. The typical production line demands that key staff are present when there is a shift change, and rather than risk lateness or absenteeism, the company finds it a better solution to provide free transport. The coach would follow a pre-determined route, picking up groups of workers at arranged locations, and these contracts would be either on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.
  • Sports Teams – Ever wondered how your local team gets to their away games? Coach rental is the answer, and they might also ferry many supporters as well, depending on the team and their away game policy. What normally happens is during the close season, when the team receives next season’s fixture list, they would ask local coach hire companies to bid for the contract, with perhaps the exception of the very big clubs, who would have their own VIP coaches and drivers.
  • School Outings – Every UK school has a duty to provide several school outings per year for every student, and local coach hire companies would bid for these contracts. Of course, they would need to know the number of students and the destinations, and with large schools, it might be necessary to hire 3 or 4 coaches in order to accommodate several classes. The types of venues would include museums, theme parks and historical sites, and are mostly during the warmer months, for obvious reasons.
  • Corporate Events – An established coach hire firm would have a fleet of VIP coaches that are used for corporate events. This might involve a day at the races, or perhaps a seminar at a well-known resort, while some companies prefer their high fliers to tackle obstacle course and participate in team building activities.
  • Live Concerts and Sports Events – Often large groups of people decide to hire a coach to watch their favourite band or cheer on their team at Wembley, and this would make up a significant portion of the coach hire company’s business. Ideally, they would have a range of vehicles to suit any sized group, and with special discounts on admission, it often works out cheaper for all the fans to collectively hire the transport to and from the venue.

If a coach hire company is established, they would have the resources to cater for all of the above, and should you ever require such a service, an online search is the ideal place to start.