When hitting a vehicle, the most go-to question that arises in mind is whether you have got car insurance or not. Generally it is believed that it is a kind of service for which you pay a certain amount each month but rarely use. However, it is somehow true to an extent but you must not forget that it is something that is equally essential at the same time. In case your property gets damaged, there is no one to rescue you, but you yourself. You can claim that already planned amount and handle that circumstances wisely. japan car auction online have produced this article for the purpose of making people realize about how they can make the most out of such facilities.

When you have hit any accident, the most immediate action that must be taken place is first aid. And to recover the financial losses, there are insurance companies who give you the opportunity to claim for the damage. Eventually, you must do so. We, here, give you a tip to keep a record of all the things-to-be-noticed to be presented at the time of requirement. When you claim to use our insured amount, the company would definitely ask for the records and evident.

  • Filing the Claim

When you are asking for the insured amount, you must claim in the documented file. It looks more professional and ethical. Right after doing so, the carrier company calls for reports fulfilling its duty. During the call, they ask for all evidences to know actually what happened in that accident. Also, with an intention of sympathy, they also ask for your injuries while reporting about the vehicle damages and further.

After all the claims have been filed, they get it signed to get your surety. When all the documented formalities are laid, the insurance carriers assign their most efficient team at investigate, collect witnesses, examine all the told damages, overview medical treatments, and manage the repairs and maintenance for determining the faults.

  • Options of Choosing another Car

If your car meets a serious accident, there are numerous options available to even change your car. If it is damaged really badly, and you know that the repair and maintenance can’t get back the real value of which, you can always refuse to get that repair done and claim the amount to buy the new one. In that case, the choice entirely depends on you. If you want to get the repairs or going to make a difference by taking the cash.

In addition, it is very common in the case of serious car crashes that the damages cost our much more than what actual value of car is. Hence, it is wise as well as much better to get a new car.

  • Don’t accept the offer Right away

When the carriers offer you an “X” amount as a value of your car, which you think doesn’t match the real worth, you must not end the discussion here. There is no need to agree hurriedly. Let’s take an example here, when used Japanese car Jamaica meet an accident and the insurance carriers offer low value to after viewing the details of the accident, the victim can contact his local attorney for getting his claims proved.


The article must have discussed some facts about how to get your car insured and go through negotiations about the repair to be done. Now, what you have to do is find a reliable auto repair shop that may get our job done.