If you are moving, or if you purchased your boat from another country and you want it to import the boat, you might wonder how much will such a service cost. it can’t be as cheap as some might say, it is probably way too expensive. Well, you can be surprised how good the prices can be if you find the right provider, so make sure to check out https://www.dazmac.com.au .

Purchasing your boat online

Living in a place where you can freely enjoy a boat ride is amazing, but for that, you do need to purchase a boat. However, in most cases, people choose to purchase vehicles online, from other countries and have them imported and the reason behind that is quite simple; we are attracted to different brands and models, which is normal.

Purchasing a boat online will allow you to get any model you like

But, keep in mind that you can’t really trust just about anyone online because there are a lot of frauds who will simply take what you give, and not deliver the boat. This is why you should hire a provider you trust to handle the boat delivery and purchase at a reputable boat store.

A rough estimate

Before you even start to call a number of companies, you need to know how to roughly calculate the cost of shipment. Usually, the average boat size is about 12 feet wide, and if for example, it has to be transported from Maine to Florida, the shipment can cost somewhere around $7000. If you have more questions about this, contact the trusted boat shipping services from Dazmac Logistics.

After this, comes the point of origin, because it does matter whether your boat comes from East or West, as the base rate for miles will vary. From the West, it will be $1.5/mile, while from the East it will cost you $2/mile. In addition, if your boat is bigger than 9 feet, you need to add $0.25 for each extra foot. So, if the mileage is about 3000, and you have a 10-foot boat, you will have to pay $7500.

Restrictions can be annoying

Another part of shipping that you need to know is the restrictions that come with it. This usually applies to oversized boats, and you have to be prepared for some delays in different countries, where big boats are not allowed at a certain time on the road. This means that the driver will have to park the vehicle and wait for the next morning before driving the vehicle and transporting your boat.

Make sure you leave your new boat in good hands

Safety factors

The boat was already a huge investment on your part, so you need to make sure to choose a reputable provider of boat shipping, just as it was mentioned at the beginning. This includes that you make sure that your boat is in good hands while parked at night as well.

This is why choosing a good boat transporter provider is your best option, since you will know that your boat will be in good hands. Some transporters do not pay that much attention when the boats are parked at nights, so they can be damaged or stolen.

Final word

While you can probably not get the exact price of the boat transport cost, you can get an overall price at home. If you want the exact price, you will need to contact your provider first and make sure to pick a transporter company whom you can trust and who k