If you are in construction business chances are that you will be in need of a skid steer. It is a versatile piece of machine that can do various tasks. It can be assembled with various attachments and, thus, can be used to do different jobs. It is ideal for working in tight spaces.

The size

Skid steer come in various sizes. They are placed in three main categories. The ones that are 1750 pounds or below with engine power of 50 hp are labelled as the smaller ones. Then you have the medium category where you get bobcat of 50 to 70 horse power and these generally weighs between 1750 to 2200 pounds. Lastly, the larger ones are there that are over 2200 lbs and have more than 70 HP.

Choosing skid steer

There are certain factors that can help in determining whether the skid steer is good for you or not. First of all, take a look at where you will be operating it the most. Whether it be a large space or will it be a smaller one. Then, consider the areas where you will be driving it i.e. open and unfinished terrains or paved ones. Moreover, you need to take into the account the objects that you will be lifting and what kind of work you wish to perform.

Small skid steer

A smaller model has the ability to work in compact spaces. It is mostly used for landscaping and site development. Moreover, individuals can use it for final grading and even to provide the final layer of soil on patios and sidewalks. One can also use it for underground parking and small demolition projects.

Medium skid steer

A medium sized skid steer is the most common one and you can use it for various jobs. For instance, there are locations where large backhoes and excavators won’t work so you can make use of such skid steers. Then, the fact that they come with either tires or tracks make it even more versatile as per  http://www.repairloader.com/manual.php/8e6ef92.

Large skid steer

Lastly, you have the larger versions that are ideal of grading and excavation. They are even used for drilling and larger demolition job. As they are quick and low profile, they can be moved around construction site with ease.

Study by John Deere manuals