When you live and work in the UK, you understand the importance of the required testing that goes by the common name “MOT”. Of course, these three letters stand for Ministry of Transport, which was the precursor of the current Department of Transport. Current law requires vehicles over three years old to be tested for general safety and for exhaust emissions. The testing must be completed by an authorised individual or company, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Where to Go

You will be best served by scheduling your testing procedure with a provider of trusted MOTs in St. Albans so you know that you’ll get the results you need and get them at a competitive price. In fact, you can visit the website to get started. Use the convenient form to determine a price for:

  • MOT
  • Interim service and MOT
  • Full service and MOT
  • Major service and MOT

The procedure will include a thorough inspection and a series of specific checks of the vehicle, under the vehicle, under the bonnet, exterior, and interior. The owner is required to schedule the vehicle for inspection and testing every 12 months to be able to use the vehicle lawfully.

Schedule Your MOT

Keep in mind that it is now possible to determine remotely if your car carries the required MOT certification. Book your MOT appointment up to 28 days before the due date.

Of course, when you work with skilled and experienced mechanics and technicians, you can also arrange for vehicle service separate from the MOT test. It’s the best way to make sure that your vehicle is always safe and efficient.