So there is a much debated question as to which is a better protect option for a car owner. The more elaborate and permanent car ports or the portable easy to carry car covers? Certainly if we are to delve in the two types, the car covers come up as the better option for most.

Why the Car Covers?

A quick look at any of the cities would reveal cars being parked right on the side of the roads for lack of garage space. Also people are a lot on the move these days. It can involve car owners required to park their vehicles at places that has nothing for a shade.

It is in such circumstances the debate over car covers vs car ports seem to lose steam. Car covers are the perfect option to help protect both the interior and exterior of the car regardless of the place. Cold snowy winters or hot tropical summers become easy to negotiate when car covers are in place. Exterior body paints of cars seem to fade alongside parts like dashboards inside also might heat up in the sun. Car covers never really lets the sun or the snow to reach beneath it.

Now what about damp moist conditions? Car cover manufacturers have come off age with exquisite design standards involving the latest of technologies. The covers allow enough air passage to prevent fungal growth in damp conditions.

The Appeal:

For readers who are still contemplating the car cover vs car port debate, car cover manufacturers these days have introduced covers that offer some of the best aesthetics. If you have ever heard of the word ‘best-fitting’ it goes with modern day car covers.

Regardless of the car model, make and year of manufacture, all the covers that make their way out of the stables of reputed manufacturers offer the ‘best-fit’. Should there be any customer who still is dissatisfied with the car cover he or she has ended up with, manufacturers are liberal enough to provide with a 30 day risk-free money back guarantee for a complete peace of mind.

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