Using the services of Atlas Car Removals Company is the easiest way to get rid of your old, used, unwanted, damaged or any car that no one would be willing to buy through the traditional car selling methods. However, unless you are observant and you have a good idea of what to expect from the services, you can end up with a not so good experience and regret why you decided to sell your car to them.

To avoid making mistakes, here are four questions to ask any car removal company you are considering dealing with:

1. Are you a licensed and registered car removal company in Melbourne?

Your chances of getting a good removal experience are high when you work with duly registered and licensed removal companies. You should ask to see proof of license and registration since there are some unscrupulous scrap metal dealers who might pose as car removers for the sole purpose of exploiting you.

2. Do you accept all types of Cars?

Legit cash for car companies in Melbourne will accept cars belonging to all makes and models and in any condition. Be very careful with removal companies purporting to be removing just a given type of car make or model, especially the kind you desire to sell. If that is the case, simply terminate negotiations with them and deal with another company.

3. Do you offer Free Removal?

Car removal services in Melbourne are free by most of the reputable companies such as Atlas Car Removals, and you should never be charged a cent to have the car towed from its current location. It should be that once you agree to the offer given by the removal company, you don’t have to pay anything whatsoever. Any removal company requiring you to pay for the towing is not legit and you should not waste your time dealing with them.

4. How do you do the valuation of the Car?

Though your car may be in a deplorable condition, it still has value and that is what the free removal company should be paying you for. They should have in place a proper valuation process that will make you get top dollars on the car. Different companies will have different ways of appraising the car, but you should never accept to work with them if their only criteria to value your car is the weight of the vehicle.

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