Most of us depend heavily on our vehicles to get us to work and back, to go out on weekends, and to escape for holiday getaways. All of this means that the average car needs to be serviced, tuned, and maintained to avoid major wear and tear. This is where a reliable local car garage can really help.

Knowing When Your Car Needs Some Love

Of course, it’s also good to know when your car needs to be taken in for some Northamptonshire car engine tuning and servicing to find out what might be wrong with it. In this context, if you notice any of the following, it might be time to book an appointment with your local car garage:

  • Running rough: Every driver will get to know the normal sounds of their car’s engine and how the pedals feel underfoot. When the engine starts to run roughly, it’s time to have it checked out. It might be that it seems to stutter when accelerating or that the power is just not there. There could be a multitude of causes, so it’s best to have it checked out.
  • Brakes: Brakes keep us and others safe on the roads, so when they feel soft or don’t seem to be performing properly, it’s time to take the car in to be assessed and repaired.
  • Noises: Any knocking, clanking, or banging from the engine, especially when accelerating, could mean that the fuel mix is poor or that there is a more serious problem.

Staying Safe on the Roads

Though we all depend on our cars, it’s also a good idea to have them serviced at least a few times a year. Doing this could save your life and other’s.