Sydney, like most large cities, has streets full of vehicles. Thus, accidents are fairly common and in most cases, your car may get so damaged that you will not be able to drive it away. Towing services, especially tilt towing services, are of great help in these scenarios.

However, what is a tilt tray truck you may ask?

Tilt tray tow trucks are a new development in tow truck technology, which has led to the improvement in the working of tow trucks. They have a tilted platform called a flatbed which can be tilted as well as extended so that it can touch the ground.

The next question that arises is why tilt tray trucks are preferred to regular tow trucks?

Tilt tray trucks are much preferred to normal tow trucks in case of towing purposes. This because the damaged vehicles in an accident are carried on the flatbed of the tilt tray trucks whereas they are dragged across the street along two of its wheels hooked to the regular emergency tow trucks. As the flatbed is movable, it helps to load big and bulky items onto the truck making transportation much easier.

Here are a few advantages to keep in mind about using tilt tray towing services for tow truck accident pulling:

  1. The tilt tray towing services are extremely useful for auto-repair shops. Loading vehicles which have been damaged in accidents become very easy, and they can be safely transported to the shop for repair.
  2. When your vehicle gets damaged in an accident, you call a towing company to tow your vehicle either to a repair shop or any other location according to your personal preference. However, the disadvantage is that you and your fellow passengers are left behind at the accident spot as the maximum a regular tow truck can accommodate a single person. This is where a tilt truck comes in handy. They have spacious front seating areas with ample seating space for people. This is especially useful if you are stuck in a remote location without other transportation facilities. It saves your time as well as lets you keep a close watch over your vehicle.
  3. Many times during accidents a number of cars get damaged. For example, in case of a multi-car pileup. In such a case, cars may end up in precarious positions from which a regular tow truck will be unable or take a long time to extract the damaged cars as they lack in strength as well as special ability to tow them. However, a tilt tray truck can place their platform in various positions and various angles that makes it easier to load the damaged vehicles in these cases. This saves time in loading the damaged vehicles.
  4. Tilt tray trucks are the safer option as it secures the damaged car on the flatbed instead of dragging it. Further accidents are also less likely as there is no blocked rear view in this case. This is also safer for other cars on the road as the swaying motion is not present. Thus, further deterioration of your vehicle, as well as other accidents, is prevented by using these types of trucks.

Tilt tray towing services cost more than ordinary towing services. The higher cost is justified as it has a significant amount of benefits over the cheaper alternative. You are paying for safety as well as speedy delivery.

It is thus, important to keep in mind that using tilt tray trucks for tow truck accident pulling is not only safe for you but others around you. Getting in an accident can be a harrowing experience so having a great towing service can be some respite. You simply have to contact a reputable company for Towing Sydney like Southside Towing and enjoy the benefits of tilt tray towing.

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