It is a well-known fact, that many GPS Tracking Apps for trucks in India, showcase fuel monitoring as a very important feature, and for good reason. Below, we list some reasons as to why using fuel monitoring system in trucks has many benefits.

What exactly is fuel monitoring? Fuel monitoring is the management and record keeping of the fuel before trips, the amount of fuel which actually should have been used, and many more statistics, which differ in various truck tracking apps.

Apart from this, not only is fuel monitoring a good addition to your method of fleet management because of its cost cutting features, but fuel monitoring also makes your business a bit more eco-friendly, by saving you fuel and making you aware of where you can save even more fuel.

Truck GPS navigation helps in bringing up alerts in relation to the fuel, which can also count as a feature to cut down your costs easily.

  • Analysing fuel:

You may or may not even use the correct kind of fuel for your vehicle, yet. There are different kinds of fuel for different kinds of vehicles. And if the right kind of fuel is used within the right vehicle, it works at a hundred percent efficiency, increasing your work output.

Truck GPS location systems can help you in the same, by letting you know the efficiency of different kinds of fuel that you use in your vehicles.

  • Alerts for fuel theft:

If you have ever thought that you may be paying too much for fuel costs, you may have thought right. Many drivers in India either drain out some of the fuel, or keep it separately to sell it off. You never know, your vehicle may not be using that much of fuel even, and your driver’s asking you to pay for it to loot you for some extra cash.

In case of your driver stealing fuel directly from the tank, the truck GPS navigation system will send you alerts when there is any kind of drainage from the fuel tank directly. In fact, it can also be customised as to give you alerts during refuelling and you can check the fuel levels, comparing them to your driver’s statistics.

Apart from this, you can compare the estimated fuel amount which should have been used during the trip with the actual fuel used up, to check if your driver is using efficient routes or not. This could also help you in saving time, making your customers much happier.

We hope this helped you decide if fuel monitoring features are for you. Do remember, that the above stated features are the basics which should be present. Any additional features would depend on you and the needs of your business.