Normally, camping is much more affordable than staying in a hotel. You can further reduce the cost of such an activity by renting an RV that is being relocated by a vehicle rental company. These deals emerge when a company is transferring an RV to one of its branch locations. Therefore, if you can be flexible in this respect, you can take advantage of some ideal travel deals.

Regularly Check the Website

In order to take advantage of an RV rental special, you need to check the vehicle rental site online. These types of specials are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, you need to check the website as you can travel for almost next to nothing if you do.

Most of the RV relocation specials are featured when a rental company simply needs to move an RV from its branch to another company location. This often takes place in conjunction with other events, such as festivals. During these times, you are apt to see relocation specials listed online.

Respond Immediately

While you cannot make special requests, you should not be deterred. If you want to travel to the destination that is offered online, you need to respond immediately. Once you secure the deal, you can start travelling for a very low rate.

You do have the flexibility to extend the period for the relocation rental. However, this is subject to availability. In order to make such a request, you need to contact the RV rental company by phone. You will still need to make the booking online once the extension is approved.

What Do Relocation Deals Include?

With respect to the transfer of RVs, the specials can vary. Usually, a standard deal features travel of $1.00 per day for a period of one to three days. Afterwards, travelers are charged the standard rates. If you are traveling from one specific city to the next, a certain amount of miles are included in the package as well.

For example, if you are taking an RV from Los Angeles to San Francisco, 450 miles are included in the package. If your trip takes you from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, 300 miles are added to the RV booking. If the trip goes from Las Vegas to San Francisco, 600 miles are included in the deal. The same is true if you are driving in the opposite direction.

Again, you cannot book this type of special over the phone. In order to take advantage of a relocation rental, it must be booked online. That is why it pays to review the rental site from time to time. This type of special is particularly ideal for retirees who like to camp. However, anyone can take advantage of the deals if they are flexible.