Auckland is one of the must-see cities in the world. Therefore, to view the New Zealand city up close, you need to hire a car for sightseeing and breezing around the town. Located on the north island, Auckland is the biggest urban area in the country. Therefore, it is home to a number of exciting sites and attractions.

For example, you will want to visit such places as the Sky Tower, the Auckland War Memorial Museum, One Tree Hill, and the Auckland Harbour Bridge. You can see all these exciting points of interest easier if you hire a car when you are in town.

Visiting the Auckland Zoo

If you have not been to the zoo anywhere lately, you will also have to add the Auckland Zoo to your travel itinerary. The Auckland Zoo is one of the most popular and progressive menageries in the world. Located just five minutes from central Auckland, the zoo lies adjacent to the beautiful Western Springs Park. Over 750 animals live at the site.

Enjoy Beach Activities

You will also want to visit one of the area’s lovely beaches with one of the Auckland rental cars you secure for your trip. Some of the shores can be found along Mission Bay and Eastern Bay. If you want to avoid a crowded shoreline, you might want to consider the beach next to Cockle Bay. This beach features shade trees and is more inviting to children.

Anyone for Sushi?

If you consider yourself somewhat of a foodie, then you will not be disappointed by the region’s cosmopolitan restaurants. Auckland has something for everyone when it comes to dining. Whether you are hungry for Japanese cuisine or are seeking a trendier atmosphere, you will love the entrees and side choices.

If you want to experience the glamour of a casino setting, you will want to drive on over to the Skycity Casino. This exciting attraction is featured in the centre of the city. You can also find plenty of places to eat at this facility. In fact, you can enjoy panoramic views whilst you eat at the Orbit Revolving Restaurant. You can also get a bite to eat at the Sky Café or relax and dine at The Sugar Café.

Ready to Take a Leap?

If you are intrepid by nature, you will not want to miss leaping off the Sky Tower at the site’s SkyJump. The exhilarating jump represents a fall of 192 metres. Participants jump with a wire off the tallest building in New Zealand.

When walking the Sky Walk itself, you can take in the views from a platform that is 1.2 metres wide and 192 metres off the ground. If you choose to walk the edge of the Tower’s pergola, overhead safety lines and a complete body harness are used to keep you secured.