If you are in London and looking for a car rental service, then it’s important to make sure the company you choose is safe, insured, and offers flexible contracts for you to choose from. You don’t want to be locked into a contract that doesn’t allow you the travel you want, and you always need to make sure you will be protected in the contract. Choosing a company with PCO approved cars will ensure that you have a great car rental experience.


Insurance is very important for car rentals, and you want to always check to see what kind of insurance is provided with your rental. Most legitimate companies don’t rent cars without insurance, but the amount as well as the coverage that is offered can vary. Check for ones that offer full comprehensive insurance on their cars, which will keep you safe in any accident, even if you are at fault. Your personal insurance may be able to cover some of the costs of an accident as well, and checking with the company before renting a car is a good idea.


Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and so the best thing to do is to prepare for the worst case scenario. Always take down information of everyone involved in the accident, and use your phone or camera to get multiple pictures of the scene. Immediately contact the car rental company so they can begin dealing with insurance requirements and check the footage from your vehicle. Usually another vehicle will be provided to you so you can continue your trip without too much hassle.


There are a number of PCO cars for rent in London, and each company will have their own set of rental rules and regulations. That being said, it is common for most companies to conduct short-term rentals of a week up to months at a time. The time frame you choose will depend on how long you will be in London and will be needing a rental car.

Deposits are usually refundable, as long as the car is brought back without damage or claims on the insurance. Any small dings can be taken care of by the company’s garage, but will go against you getting your deposit back. Usually after the repair is made and the cost taken out of your deposit, you will receive the remainder of your money.

More PCO Car Rental Perks

In addition to being able to drive a great car in London for a low price, renting from a quality car hire service will let you relax about having to deal with servicing or maintaining your vehicle. Any repairs will be done by the company, and those costs will not come out of your pocket. Paying the deposit, gas and the weekly fee are all you’ll have to worry about when you rent a PCO car.

Stop worrying about how you will get around London when you are visiting or living there short-term. Renting a car is a wonderful way to enjoy all the perks of car ownership without having to deal with the hassles of their upkeep. Knowing that you have a great company to work with will make this deal even sweeter.