Common Gearbox Problems and How to Fix Them

The gearbox in your car is designed to regulate the amount of power produced by the engine and how it’s distributed among the wheels. Manual gearboxes are no longer popular among drivers, with many opting for the simplicity and the convenience provided by the automatic gearbox. However, with the passage of time, problems with the gearbox are likely to occur, and you will need to take it into the shop for repairs. Some common issues you might have to deal with include:

  • Grinding noises when changing gears
  • Gears don’t change smoothly
  • Gearbox liquid begins to leak

If you want a proper service for your gearbox in Romford, there are numerous workshops in the area. Here is a simple guide on how to fix these gearbox issues.

Contact a Local Workshop

If you are constantly noticing a problem with the gearbox, the first step you need to take is to get in touch with a local workshop that specialises in gearbox repairs. They will give you a date and time, and you can take your car to their workshop for a thorough inspection.

Replacing the Gearbox

If the problem cannot be fixed with conventional repair, your only other option will be to replace the gearbox in its entirety. This might cost you a hefty amount of money, but it’s the only way to keep your car running. Gearbox problems need to be resolved as quickly as possible otherwise they can even lead to major accidents.



Winter is a season that is mostly enjoyed indoors, but more often than not you may need to drive due to unavoidable circumstances. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the roads like a pro while ensuring safety for you and other motorists.Proper Vehicle maintenance ensure your car engine, battery, brakes, and tires are in good shape before getting on the road, also ensure your toolbox is well stocked just in case of an emergency on the road as it can be hard to get help during winter, also ensure the tires are well inflated and have plenty of treads.Gas at half tank this is a must as it will ensure that the gas line will not freeze. It is also advisable to ensure that you have extra fuel in the car just in case you will be required to drive for an extra mile on the road.Drive slowlybeing a speed guru on the road will hardly help during the snow season as the roads will make it impossible. Ensure that you drive slowly to avoid a collision if you will be required to abruptly stop due to something unavoidable.Use Headlights this will make you visible to other motorists and you will be able to see the road more clearly, therefore, avoiding an accident.Following speed, anything is expected during winter and to be on the safe side it is always important for you to increase your space between cars, this will reduce the chances of a hit if you will require to abruptly stop due to the bad winter weather.Stop and wait if you feel that your vision has been compromised it is always safe to stop at the nearest exit and wait for the weather to clear so as to avoid an accident. Open the window slowly to avoid dying from carbon monoxide and keep warm in the car. Keep the engine running to keep it from freezing. You can hire a car if you feel you are not confident. Basic essential stock with winter a drive to the supermarket may end up being an overnight affair due to the bad roads and weather, it is always advisable to keep some warm clothes, snacks, flashlight and any other emergency tool in the car to keep you warm while in the car.Know your car during the winter season it is always important to know how your car operates in certain conditions, just in case it skids you know how to handle it.Stay home during the bad weather drivers are advised to stay home if they can avoid it as the roads are unpredictable and not being behind the wheel is the only assurance of not being involved in an accident.The AAA advises that if you can avoid going up a hill it’s the best decision you can make, but if you have to avoid stopping which can make you lose the grip of the tire. Lastly, avoid panic this will ensure you make sober decisions.


The Most Popular Cars Made by Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is an Italy based automotive company manufacturing stylish, comfortable and high performing cars since 1910. Here, we have enlisted some of the most noticeable Alfa Romeo icons.

Alfa Romeo 20/30 ES (1921)

This was the first car that carried the name ‘Alfa Romeo’. It was an update to the very first ALFA car that was produced before the WWI. The ‘S’ in its name stands for ‘Sport’, which signifies that the car had a sleek torpedo body, and a 4.2 litre straight 4-speed engine that produced 68PS. It could run at a speed of 81mph, and it had a manual, real-wheel drive system.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta (1954)

Italians loved small and sporting coupes and saloons. This one included a coupe, a saloon, spider and estate, powered by Alfa Romeo Twin Cam. Designed by Giuseppe Busso, it had an all-alloy, advanced engine that first came with a 1.3 litre displacement. It went on for production for as long as 30 years. The first family member of the Giulietta range, this was a 2+2 sprint coupe. This one had a 1.3-litre inline-four speed engine, and a four-speed manual, rear-wheel-drive transmission system. It had a power of 53PS (52bhp) and could reach the top speed of 87mph.

Alfa Romeo 2600 (1962)

Having gained popularity and acceptance in the market, Alfa Romeo needed a flagship model now, which came in the form of 2600. This car featured an all-alloy 2.6 litre straight-6 engine. At first, it was launched as a saloon having factory bodywork, but soon a Touring designed Spider, Bertone coupe, Sprint and convertible were also introduced. The Spider and Spring won the upmarket buyers and the Caribinieri used it as a high-speed pursuit car. Its handsome body and stunning looks made it one of the greatest Alfa Romeos till date. It had a 4-speed manual, rear-wheel drive transmission system, with power of 147PS and top speed of 120mph.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione (2007)

This is a modern car that celebrates the racing heritage of Alfa Romeo. Wolfgang Egger styled it traditionally. ‘8’ in the car’s name signifies that it has the 450PS 4.7 litres Ferrari V8 engine. It has a shapely nose, with which it can achieve the top speed of 190mph. It had a 6-speed automatic, real-wheel drive transmissions system, and it reached 0 to 60mph in 4.2 seconds.

Over its more than 100 years of span, the company has built some really amazing cars that Alfa Romeo fans swear by, and some of them are mentioned above. Mainly however, Alfa Romeo are best known as a mid-range budget small car company, very popular worldwide for providing sporty yet practical everyday use vehicles. Alfa Romeo workshop manuals can easily be found online for many of the older common models, making small repairs easy.


Best buying tips for Used Cars

Bringing a car home for the very first time is one of the most memorable and celebrated moments in a lifetime. Whether it’s a brand new vehicle or a pre-owned one, it’s still an unforgettable moment in your lifetime. Check out the latest cars at used cars in Montclair website and find out your suitable vehicle. Here are helpful tips that will guard you against fraud and fallacies:

Start with checking the exterior of the car

Checking the exterior of the vehicle is the first step you must consider before you purchase any second-hand vehicle. Make sure it has a constant paint finishing and ensure there are no abrupt or scratches. Also, confirm whether the gaps in between the panels are designed with the same breadth. If not, it means that the vehicle has been involved in several accidents.

Secondly, move to the interior part of the car

Should never forget to check the (VIN) Vehicle-Identification-Number since it is one of the crucial elements of the internal components of the vehicle. Examine the engine and the type of oil being used. The regular oil should color should always be golden and also free from debris or dirt. Also, remember to check the fluid level of the engine coolant.

Check the car’s odometer and mileage

Checking the car’s mileage and odometer is also among the crucial parts in the vehicle that shouldn’t be ignored, for accuracy, use the vehicle’s document. Other essential interior parts of the car you should never forget check include dashboard, driving history, indicators, logbook, gears, Electric windows, and any other significant part modern interior of the car.

Car’s insurance

Buying a car’s insurance is one of the essential things every car owner must seriously consider, whether it’s a new or old car. Car insurance is something you must bear mind day and night. Keep it updated throughout the year to ensure you covered from accidents or any unexpected tragedy that might occur.

Mandatory second-hand buying tips

First and foremost, the most crucial mandatory of purchasing a second-hand vehicle is considering the amount you’re going to spend. You must admit that there are needs before you go to the car dealer and spend all sum of money. Even if it’s applying for a loan, you need to know how you will use that car to pay it back to the lender.

Once you selected the type of vehicle, you intend to come home with based on your affordability, go straight to the dealership and check the models and find out whether it’s worthy or not. These are among the most significant features that most buyers ignore not knowing they are putting themselves in a situation whereby they will spend more on repairs. Used cars in Montclair are an example of the official dealership should refer to their website for more tips.


The Many Benefits of Buying Used Cars

Used cars are great cars and can serve your purpose perfectly. They are also very cheap and they are the best choices for individuals that are living on a budget and cannot afford to spend too much money on cars. New cars are expensive and the prices are usually way beyond what an average earner can afford. Studies show that the huge costs of new cars are somewhat unreasonable. Will it also interest you to know that the value of the new car begins to depreciate just moments after you drive it out of the dealership? Yes, that is how annoying the situation is. This is to tell you that the new car will be seen as a used car from the moment it leaves the dealership. Why not simply buy used cars in Sevierville instead of wasting lot o money on new cars?

Buying it right

If you are looking for a reliable place to buy used cars in Sevierville, there is no better place to visit than Right Price Auto TN. This outlet has got what it takes to serve your needs perfectly and you will find yourself always coming back for more of what this outlet has got to offer. You can find different brands of used cars here and all the cars will always give you good value for money. The outlet also has its own in-house technicians that can properly inspect each of the cars before you buy. Before listing a used car for sale, the in-house technicians will first inspect the cars to ensure that they are in perfect conditions. This means you will only find truly certified used cars at this outlet each time you come here to make a purchase.

Do you reside in Knoxville and you are looking for the perfect place to buy used cars? You can also trust in Right Price Auto TN for that wonderful used car that will always give you good value for money at all times. This is to say that the services provided at this outlet are not limited to just Sevierville; You can also come over here to buy used cars from any part of Tennessee and you will always get good value for money each time you make a purchase of used cars on this platform. You can purchase online if you do not want to go through any stress when buying used cars. You can also come over to the brick and mortar car lot to pick any of the cars sold here. The customer care agents are reliable and will be most willing to guide you and help you get that great used car that you are interested in. Instead of spending a fortunate to buy a new car, you should rather consider buying a used one in Sevierville.


Clearing Some of the Common Concerns with Used Cars

The purchase of used cars has been growing in popularity with it receiving their fair share of the spotlight over the years. With that being said, there are still a number of individuals who are hesitant or think twice in getting used cars because of the stigma that revolves around it. Let us help debunk some of the common misconceptions that revolves around used cars.

Getting a New Vehicle is Better

Many feel that the purchase of new car to be a better investment in the long run. This however, is not entirely true as new cars can lose a good chunk of its value after it is driven off the lot. Another thing to note is that new vehicles often have higher sales tax and registration fees on some states which adds to their total cost. This is not often the case with used vehicles as they don’t usually have exuberant sales tax and fees.

TheyCan Break Down Easily

A common concern people have with used vehicles is that they can break down easily when compared to the new ones. This however, is not entirely true as there are a number of used vehicles that are able to perform at their best even after a considerable amount of time has passed. This is made possible through proper maintenance and care which goes a long way in increasing their lifespan.

They Lack Safety Features

Some prefer newer vehicle models because of the safety features that it brings. Modern technology however, has contributed greatly in helping introduce a wide variety of innovation with the vehicles that we are driving. Most used cars today are properly equipped with antilock brake systems (ABS), side air bags, and other similar featuresallowing them to stay relevant for years to come. Furthermore, there are websites in which you can check the safety ratings of the used vehicles that you are interested in. The ratings will definitely go a long way in helping you a good amount of overview on what to expect with regards to their safety and security.

It’s Hard to Look for Trusted Dealers

Back then, buying used cars can be a cause for concern especially with the presence of shady dealers. Things have changed for the better as car dealers have become more accessible and transparent to their clients. Looking for used cars in Fort Worth is made easy with them become more accessible over the internet. Most car dealers today are managing their own website which makes it possible for just about anyone to be able to reach their staff at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. Get your very own used vehicle today!


Are you finding to rent a sports car in Dubai?

Reputable car rental companies in Dubai have a commitment to provide the cheap and best rental cars for all their customers. Business and leisure travellers in Dubai can save their time and money when they rent the car on online without compromising the budget. Evolve is a one-stop-destination to access the recent updates of the sports car rental in Dubai and make your expectations about the stress-free way to rent the sports car. You can directly focus on the sports cars and make positive changes in your approach to rent the car without compromising any favourable thing. Every visitor to this leading company on online can explore a huge collection of the sports cars without delay and complexity. They can get enough guidance to pick and rent one of the most suitable sports cars.

Discuss with experts in the sports car rental facilities

Everyone with a busy to-do list nowadays likes to enhance their way to fulfil expectations about the sports car rental on online. They can contact the official website of this renowned company and discuss with specialists in the sports cars available at competitive rental prices. Once you have clarified your doubts about the sports car rental facilities, you can feel confidence to rent the sports car and fulfil wishes about riding in the sports car. You will get the fun, fast and thrilling riding experiences when you rent the sports car within the budget. Many people are fans of the sports cars and unable to afford for an expensive sports car of any brand, make and model in our time. They can feel free to take note of the sports car rental facilities and rent one of the most suggested sports cars.

Rent the sports car on time

Sports car enthusiasts in Dubai these days contact the company Evolve and focus on the recent updates of facilities associated with the sports car rental in Dubai. They think smart and use the best suggestions to be successful in their way to rent the sports car. You may be a beginner to the sports cars available for rental in Dubai and think about how to save money while renting one of these cars. You can contact and discuss with experts in sports cars right now. You will get an overview about the successful way to rent the sports car. You will be satisfied not only because an array of options to rent sports cars and easy-to-understand details about such options.


How To Protect Your Car Paint?

Protecting the overall aesthetic appeal of the car is mainly determined by the exterior paint. It goes without saying even the slightest scratch can be frustrating for a vehicle owner, therefore, we’ve curated this blog post to help you protect your car paint.

As a matter of truth, our vehicle exterior paint is subjected to a variety of damages, and from diverse angles. These damages include the hot rays of the sun, the caustic liquids, along with several other general abrasions which may leave a devastating impact on the overall car’s paint. Let’s check out these easy tips to protect the appealing paint of your vehicle.

Regular Washing is important

One of the best ways to maintain the overall appeal of your car is regular washing. However, the vehicle experts believe that you need to stay clear of the use of the dish detergent as it may have a bad impact on the vehicle’s shine. Typically, it is highly recommended that you must make use of a high-quality chemical that is 100% safe, and apply it with the use of a pad applicator. Gently rub the body of the car and then thoroughly wash the vehicle with the help of clean water. MIcrofiber is considered as the best option when it comes to drying the body of the car.

Application of the Paint Sealant Is Effective

It is recommended that you must apply the sealant at least twice a year. This is a great means of protecting the car paint as it applies the layer of paint. Mixing the sealant with the mixing bonding agent is best to deliver the best results.

If the condition of your vehicle has deteriorated, then the only available best is to repaint the car. Generally, professional painters have a vast industry experience to provide the finest results with the use of advanced equipment.

Waxing to Maintain the Shine

In order to establish the overall shine of the vehicle, the best way out is the application of wax after you have applied the paint sealant. Typically, it is recommended that this activity must be done at least once in a month or bi-weekly using wax spray or liquid. The paste form of the wax lasts for long, and there is no need for frequent application of the wax.

If your vehicle has lost its original shine and appeal, then the above-mentioned tips won’t serve any purpose. In that case, repainting your vehicle is the only option. It is best to cover the scratches and marks. Moreover, if the vehicle has aged and has several weather damages, then repainting the car can fix that. Make sure you research the market to find a credible car painting specialist.


Why Is It Wise To Invest In Electric Cars For Sale In San Diego?

Technology is something that keeps changing with time. In every era, there is something that is catered to the customers, which is designed to make their lives a bit easier. This time around, a very useful technology has emerged in the last few years, and that is of electric vehicles. These vehicles are designed in a way that runs on electricity that is is by charging just like a mobile phone. No fuel like petrol or diesel is needed. Today many automobile companies are bringing out new models of electric cars that will simply be more eco friendly and more pocket friendly for the buyers. One can find several find electric cars for sale in san diego, but before that, find a few reasons why one should invest in EV.

Cheaper than conventional cars

One of the major reasons why electric cars are more becoming famous among car owners is the fact that it costs low comparatively. They typically cots almost the same as fuel-based cars, but when it comes to its long term expense, they are highly cost-effective. It costs way to less to charge the car as compared to the fuel that is consumed by a car. Also, these cars tend to have various tax incentives with it and also several government grants.

Electric cars for sale in san Diego also have low maintenance charges as compared to the fuel-based cars. As the former has only a few main components like motor, charger, and inverter. This means less damage is done over time, and less servicing is required, which in turn saves a lot of money.

Easy use and better driving experience

When it comes to electric cars, people tend to think that handling something that is so upgraded with technology might be difficult. But this is not the case with EVs. These cars are very easy to use and also provide the driver with great driving experience. Electric cars can be changed easily, and if one thinks of getting a charger installed, then government grants are easily provided. Usually, cars can be fully charged within the time frame of 12 hours, and if using rapid chargers, then the entire charging can be done in 2 hours even.

Driving an EV is also a great experience, as the car is silent and does not make a lot of noise. The car components are placed on the car’s floor, and this makes the car well balanced. This also enhances the driving experience, especially for longer distances. EVs are also known for immediate torque, and that means the car gets the power immediately, making it perfect for city driving purposes.

Eco friendly

Lastly, one should not forget the emissions that are caused due to vehicles that use fuels like diesel and petrol. Electric cars for sale in san diego have almost no emissions and thus making these vehicles greener and cleaner. Lesser emissions mean fewer greenhouse gases, and that means a cleaner environment. Using electric cars, one can give their share of making the earth a bit more green and can contribute to saving resources.


Is it a good idea to buy used trucks?

To buy a new truck you have to make a high investment, and make an important decision that should not be taken lightly, since any truck should be considered an investment and never an expense. Click here for used toyota trucks.

Before completing the purchase or even considering it, you have to make sure that it is profitable and productive for the business you have, because every penny spent on the truck will have to be returned in profit in a certain time.

The first thing that has to be decided is whether to buy a new or a used truck. In case you have the budget and you are sure of the investment; you can buy a new truck directly at the dealership or on the official pages of the different brands. Visit this site for used toyota trucks.

Why you should go for?

It should be kept in mind that the investment that is going to be made will not only be the price of the truck, but also what is going to be spent on maintenance and diesel. Buying a truck is therefore a decision to be taken after sitting down and doing some calculations.

If you have enough budget, then you should go with brand new trucks which will come with extensive warranties and after sales service.

If you are thinking about saving money but you still want a good truck, then go for a used one. Depreciation is one of the most amazing features of a used vehicle. New trucks quickly face depreciation which will help you to buy a used vehicle which is not that much old.

Advantages offered by used vehicle

Among the advantages of buying second-hand trucks is the price, since they are much lower than the new ones, but above all, trucks are vehicles created to be exploited to the fullest for many years.

In addition, it is known that in cases of machinery vehicles can respond much better to work if they have already been in direct contact with large loads and are, in a certain way, accustomed to the work demanded of them. Do not forget that this is possible if they have had good maintenance and proper treatment by the owners.


What we commonly call “trucks” in general are really only one of the categories of vehicles that are generally used for the transport of goods, and over time more and more models have been developed to meet the needs of the productive sectors.

These trucks, such as tractors and vehicles used in agricultural activities, have a very long-life cycle and allow great results even when bought second-hand.

The conventional truck is a vehicle capable of transporting goods independently. It is precisely its traction that differentiates it from other categories, they are usually equipped with cargo boxes, but they can also load even cranes.

All are divided into specific categories according to their diameter, their load capacity and the maximum speed allowed. For example, the trailer has no engine and must be towed. It can have its own braking system and, unlike the semi-trailer, unloads its weight exclusively on its axles.

On the other hand, the caravan truck is the largest means of transport that is usually seen on roads. In addition, the articulated truck is a vehicle with a cab but without a cargo compartment, instead of which there is a fifth wheel coupling on which a semi-trailer rest.