If you have been in a collision, you likely need repairs to the body of your vehicle. Vehicles made in the 21st century are typically made with crumple zones; these are zones of the car’s body that are designed to crumple when they’ve been in an accident. These zones will help dissipate the force of the collision and protect the passengers. However, it yields pretty serious damage to a vehicle even if the collision wasn’t very significant. This means that you’ll need to have the body repaired. However, body repairs are not just cosmetic.

More than Cosmetic

Body damage to your vehicle is important because the body of a vehicle is carefully designed to be aerodynamic. When parts of the body are damaged, it will hurt the aerodynamics of a vehicle. If you have damage, you need to find an expert in car body repairs in Oxfordshire.

  • The drag coefficient of a vehicle is the amount of resistance that is created by the car as it moves. If the bumper or some other part of the vehicle is loose, it will increase that coefficient.
  • Higher drag means that you need to use more fuel to move your car at speed. That increased fuel will cost you money. It will also make it more dangerous for you to drive your vehicle.

Functional Problems

If your car has been damaged in a collision, it could also have functional damage that you need to have addressed. You won’t know if the damage is more than cosmetic and actually gets to the functional elements of your vehicle until you have a professional inspect your car.