Selling A Car

Selling a vehicle is a subjective matter. Some car owners want to dispose of it within a couple of years, while a few others want to retain it for ten years or more if it’s in good condition and still functioning well. When one is considering selling his/her vehicle, certain factors should be kept in mind while making a deal. A prospective car seller must browse the internet to find out the tips and tricks to sell your car in Houston, TX.

When to sell?

Low maintenance expense

Experts suggest that the ideal time to sell a car is when the maintenance expense is still low. It is better to plan to sell a car after a span of four to five years. In addition, one must also notice the distance the vehicle has covered. If the vehicle has already covered 1,00,000 kilometers or more, it is time when one must consider selling as problems and other maintenance expenses keep coming up. Additionally, the majority of car owners take car loans and warranties for around five years. Thus, it makes a good option for selling within the time frame.

An efficient method to decide whether it is the apt time to sell the vehicle is to analyze the present value of the car, the immediate maintenance repairs and replacement costs in the coming six months or a year. In case the expense adds up more than the current value of the car, there is no practical reason to retain the vehicle anymore.

High resale value

A vehicle starts to depreciate by almost 50% to 60% after four to five years. If one wants to sell the car before it further decreases in value, preparation must be made to sell it. The majority of potential vehicle buyers will avoid buying a car that has covered a significant distance and is more than five years old. This is mainly because an old car will incur higher maintenance expenses in years to come.

A drastic drop in usage

The pandemic situation worldwide has given rise to work-from-home policies and remote work models in several companies in the USA. This has led to a drastic drop in the use of vehicles among employees who used to drive every day at work. When a vehicle is not utilized and remains idle, it is a wise decision to sell it before the batteries and other parts of the vehicle starts showing signs of damage. One can browse online and find out tips and tricks to sell your car in Houston, TX and make good deals.


Fetching a good amount by selling a car is not an easy job. A potential seller needs to keep a tap of the market regularly. Additionally, he/she has to ensure that the car is maintained well and offers a great resale value. Some buyers look out for second-hand cars that appear decent and deliver optimal performance. Apart from researching the ways to sell your car in Houston, TX, one also needs to find out the legally permissible policies and permits for allowing an old vehicle to operate on the road.