Selling a Car in the UK

You might have heard that the time of year plays a significant role with regard to your chances of selling your automobile for a fair price but it’s important to note that roughly 700,000 used vehicles change ownership each month in the UK.

To put it plainly, the time of year is essentially moot and it will have a negligible effect on your sales efforts; however, there are some specific instructions that you must heed before you list your vehicle.

The “Do”s and “Don’t”s of Selling Your Car

There are copious ways to find a ready and willing buyer. You can place an advert in a local shop, visit a car auction webpage, tape a “for sale” sign in your vehicle’s interior, or take out a newspaper promotion but you have to be attentive during the process:

  • Be reasonable when establishing your target price. If you expect to make €10,000 on a car that originally cost €8,000, you’ll be hard pressed to find a purchaser.
  • Be sure to compile all requisite documentation to propagate an open and honest exchange, including the vehicle’s handbook, service history paperwork, equipment and tax forms, and all other pertinent records.
  • Pay attention to scams such as shady overseas buyers, inarticulate email offers, awkward text message offers, and forged cheques.

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Car Buying Services Can Be Your Saving Grace

Instead of struggling with ridiculous offers and engaging in dozens of stressful meetings with suspicious people, you can attain an official, guaranteed offer for your sedan, coupe, or SUV by working with a hassle-free car purchasing service.