The 2018 Honda Accord came redesigned on its previous edition that has several good reasons to achieve high ratings from the different corners of the automotive industrial world. But as every good product has to overcome a challenge of rivalry, the Honda Accord 2018 too is facing stiff competition from the Toyota Camry 2018. As shown to us by the Honda dealer serving Edison both the models from Honda and Toyota have risen in popularity as midsize sedans with many features in common and some of them going ahead of the other.

And here we are to let them know why we decided to go with Honda Accord, leaving the Toyota Camry aside.


The Camry even in 2018 is stuck with a traditional stick-shift transmission. The Honda Accord Sport on the other hand runs on a six-speed manual transmission. This becomes a deciding factor for many who has a preference for the type of transmission both differ on. For us, it was the six-speed manual transmission appeared to be more exciting.

Safety Rating

One cannot compromise on the safety issues while choosing a car. But even here, it was not an easy decision to choose from the 2018 Honda Accord and the 2018 Toyota Camry, as both of them successfully earned an overall five-star safety rating.

The Camry brought a list of safety technologies including automatic emergency braking and lane-keep assist, and there the Accord came up with more number of standard safety features like the Road Departure Mitigation system, the traffic sign recognition and many more.

The Interiors

When it comes to choose a car for the family, what comes first is the interior room. Making this as one of the primary criteria, both the sedans made up to accommodating five passengers and a similar kind of space in the front, but the Accord gave more room to the backseat that rode over the Camry with ease. Moreover, Accord has a larger trunk, providing an extra 2.6 cubic feet to the cargo space in comparison to the Toyota Camry.

Infotainment System

In recent days the infotainment system is becoming another selection criteria among cars as that adds up to the safety, comfort and entertainment value all at a time. The new Display Audio interface in Accord has attracted more number of appreciators through its sharper graphics and high responsive performance. As explained to us by the Honda dealer near Edison the Entune infotainment system of Toyota in their Camry has yet to integrate the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps and that made it another reason to stand behind the Accord in this respect.

The Style

Though styling is always a matter of personal choice, the sleek styling of the Accord goes well with the current trend that bends more towards linear designs. Then you have a range of trim levels to choose from like the Sport, EX, EX-L, LX, and Touring. Though Camry wears a smarter look than before, the front-end styling couldn’t attract many.